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What Is The Best Vacuum Robots

Say what you may, but there should be no denying that we live in exciting times. We have been able to apply technology to all aspects of our lives. Thus, human existence has become more stress-free. Everyday tasks like cleaning your pool can be accomplished more efficiently with the use of robots. Why waste valuable energy scrubbing off debris and dirt from your pool? Why not opt for a robot to do the cleaning? The crux of this little piece is to answer the question of what is the best pool vacuum robot to buy? We shall answer this question by giving a brief review of some of the best pool vacuum robot to buy.  

And, here goes nothing!

Buying Guide

Our selections above represent the best robotic vacuum cleaners, no doubt, and are alike in certain functions. However, each possesses certain unique specifications, is specially tailored for a purpose and would do very much better if it was serving the exact purposes for which it was manufactured. In light of this, we have included a buying guide so as to help you decide which of the options above would be the ideal fit for your pool.


Of course, budget! This is literally the first consideration everyone takes when making a purchase, unless you have quite a fortune to waste. And even if you do, it would be better not to. Robotic vacuum cleaners have quite diversifying prices, with some as low as $300 and as high as $2000. It all depends on you. As such, it is acutely necessary that you set a fixed budget before you begin shopping. The norm is for in ground pools to be much higher in specifications and costs, and the starting price for this high-end class is usually $500. For above ground pools, the cleaners are relatively cheaper. This is because they are created to service smaller pools that often require reduced cleaning run times.

Size and Type of Pool

It is only logical that this comes next, isn’t it? Basically. There are two types of pools: in ground and aboveground, each of which has its own advantages over the other. As things are, cleaners are mostly designed to cater for just one type, and although some can service the two types of pools, available options are very limited and may be incapable of absolute service. It is therefore advisable to settle for a robotic cleaner that is specifically designed for your pool type. Speaking of sizes, cleaners vary accordingly. Some high-end cleaners have the capacity to work well in pools up to 45, 000 volumes while the maximum number for some could be 25, 000 volumes. 

Top Access Removal and Filter Bag Reusability

Changing of pool water can be particularly tiring and that’s why it’s become the norm for robotic cleaners to be equipped with this feature. As this is an expected spec everywhere, you must ensure that your choice comes with it as well. The availability of top access lids and filter remover allows you to drain the pool very easily and in a more effective manner. You may have to ensure too that the filter bag is reusable without necessarily demanding extra debris-removal processes.

Replacement Parts

This is as important as buying a working robotic vacuum cleaner. The expectation with experts is that your cleaning machine undergoes maintenance and replacement of worn parts as time goes on. An inability to change or upgrade these parts when necessary will lead to reduced output and efficiency of the machine. When making your final consideration therefore, you must make sure that you settle for a product with obtainable parts, else you’d be saying goodbye your cleaner earlier than you should. 

Selecting the perfect robotic vacuum for your pool is as easy as ABC, all it takes is some little research. Having read this guide, I’d suggest that you go through our top choices once more. Note that there may be other considerations, such as power chord tangling, available filtration, and other factors, but the few highlighted above are the most critical. 

Here’s a list of some of The Best Vacuum Robots in 2020

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

This robotic vacuum cleaner was built for in-ground pools up to 50-feet. It is equipped with dual scrubbing brushes to clean off dirt with absolute precision. The two brushes are greatly enhanced with its twin cartridges large filter type. It was designed to work independently without hose and pumps allowing you to save energy. This easy to clean robotic vacuum cleaner can be set to clean your pool every day, every third day, or every other day. Its tangle free cable allows it to cover every part of the pool. Whether your pool’s surface is made of gunite or tile with a single button, you can get the cleaning job done. 

2. Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Filter Cartridges

This robotic vacuum cleaner was designed to utilize a single button control for its essential operation. It is ideally suited for in-ground and not so much for above ground pool. This robotic vacuum cleaner uses a technology known as CleverClean to scan and detect where the next debris is. Its high suction rate and large bottom-load cartridge filter ensure that the scanned debris is removed effectively. This remote control enabled vacuum cleaner is not only ideal for cleaning the floor. It can also clean your wall. Equipped with an Anti-Tangle Swivel, its movement is swift.  This product was designed to work without hose or pumps making it very energy efficient.

3. Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot

This automatic solar-powered robotic cleaner can run for about 23 hours per day.  That is impressive, if you ask me. It is perfectly suited to clean off surface debris like leaves. It was designed to navigate the length and breadth of your pool, cleaning off debris while filtering your pool, with ease. It is equipped with a chemical dispenser, which allows it to dispense 3-inch trichlor tablets in the pool. Of course, the tablet does not come with this robotic cleaner, it appears you have to get it separately. This robotic cleaner feature a large mesh net collection area to gather as much debris as possible in one cleaning session.

4. Polaris F9350 Sport In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

As you must have seen from its name, this 2-wheel robotic vacuum cleaner was made solely for inground pools. It is equipped with aqua-tracks tires for all pool surfaces. It utilizes the ActivMotion Sensor Technology to navigate your pool with ease. It picks up debris with the aid of a vortex vacuum technology.  This remote-controlled robotic vacuum cleaner is easy to clean. Acquired debris can be easily removed from the large capacity filter canister located on the top of the vacuum cleaner. It features a rear water propulsion system to clean off hidden dirt. This vacuum cleaner also features an alloy caddy for transport and storage, 110v transformer, and a 60 ft cord.   

5. Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL Cleaner – Concrete Pools

This robotic vacuum cleaner does not require a hose to work. Users’ experience suggests that it is easy to install and assemble. Its wall climbing capability is best described as average. It works by creating a suction path for faster debris pickup. Its SmartDrive and Aquapilot steering ensures a wide pool coverage. This automatic vacuum cleaner utilizes the existing filtration system to filter the pool. Weighing about 19 pounds, it works without noise and utilizes the turbine drive system to deliver noiseless debris pickup. If a peaceful and quiet cleaning experience is all you desire, you may want to consider the Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL Cleaner. Please, bear in mind that it was made for concrete pools.

6. Aquabot POOL ROVER S2 40, US, JET, 115VAC/48VDC, BLUE

This robotic vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited for above ground pools; you may skip this product review if you have an in-ground pool. It was designed to work on all pool surfaces and shapes up to 40-feet. Its Aquabot pump ensures it filters about 80-85 gallons of water in a minute. This robotic pool cleaner comes with a swivel cable and can clean the pool floor, cove, and wall, albeit partially. It uses the top access bag filtration system to deliver a top-notch filtration.  Its movement is enhanced with the patented hydro-robotic technology, which uses the force of water to propel the robotic cleaner. 

7. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

This fully automatic robotic cleaner comes with a 40-feet of cable. It is powered by a 24-volt pump delivering jet-drive propulsion and vacuum suction. It is specifically designed for above ground pool of different sizes and shapes ranging from oval, flat, rectangular, and what have you. Its extra-wide non-marring wheels and E-Z swivel device ensures ease of movement. This product comes with a built-in 2-micron excellent filter bag and an easy to access filter bag filtration system. It is worthy of note that its suction power is a little bit above average. It is suitable for surfaces like liner and vinyl. It is relatively easy to clean and operate.

8. Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner, Blue/Black/Gray

Last but not least the best robotic pool cleaner to be reviewed is equipped with a cartridge filter system for effective cleaning. It runs independently and does not require your pool’s filtration system. It does not require any extra hose, pump, or hookup. It is equipped with smart steering technology that guarantees an efficient cleaning in about 2 hours. Weighing about 21.5 pounds, this robotic pool cleaner works just fine for above ground pools. Users’ experience suggests that it is not really to clean but relatively easy to operate. Finally, it possesses a power cord connecting it to a low voltage controller.

How Does a Robot Pool Vacuum Work?

Here is how robotic pool vacuum work:

  • It utilizes the embedded electric motor to create suction and navigate the pool
  • Like other home appliances, it has a plug that connects to your home power outlet. This allows its rotating dual brush to ward off dirt and other debris
  • Robotic pool cleaners make use of artificial computerized intelligence and electric sensors, which will enable it to scan and identify dirt and debris to be cleaned
  • It utilizes motion sensors to move freely across the pool
  • it is programmed to run on its own volition with little or no human interaction


We have reviewed some of the best pool vacuum robot the world has to offer.  Feel free to select anyone that beats your fancy. Remember, we are in the 21st century you don’t have to work harder but rather smarter. How best can you work smarter if not by getting yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner for your pool?   

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