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What Is The Best Pool Vacuum Head

The onus is on you to leave no stone unturned as you approach the market for a pool vacuum head. Trust me, I have seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. You really cannot take the words of pool head manufacturers to be what they take it to be, that might be disastrous if you ask me.  Before parting with your money, there is a need to satisfactorily answer the question what is the best pool vacuum head to buy? Due diligence must always be your watchword. Here are the best pool vacuum head in the market for your perusal:

Listed are Some of The Best Pool Vacuum Head in 2020

1. Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head with Wheels

This vacuum head is ideal for all types of pools ranging from vinyl to pebble tac pools. It was designed to navigate all the nooks and crannies of the pool, allowing no dirt to escape. This pool vacuum head is compatible with most pool vacuum hoses and telescopic poles in the market. It does not come with a hose; you may need to get that separately if you finally settle for this vacuum head. It possesses eight weighted plates, long wheels, and a handle made from aluminum. Experience suggests that it works perfectly well for picking up loose debris from the bottom part of the pool. It is also useful for algae removal. 

2. U.S Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Pool Vacuum Head

This pool vacuum head features an EZ Clip Handle and a Swivel Hose Connection. It seems to be specifically designed for vinyl pools. Its swivel head connection accommodates hoses of about 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inches. Its ability to clean corners and hidden areas are greatly enhanced with its transparent and triangular body. It should be noted that it works by attaching to a pool pole which must be purchased separately. Having tried this vacuum head, we recommend you take your time and have a lot of patience as this vacuum head works slowly. This pool vacuum head is ideal for leaves and debris removal. 

3. Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

This pool vacuum head is ideal for vinyl lined pools. Its triangular and transparent body is made from plastic making its movement smooth as it maneuvers hidden corners of the pool, walls removing any dirt on its way. Weighing about 3.25 pounds, this vacuum head was designed to stay at the bottom of your pool. It was made from ABS plastic to guarantee durability and resistance to pool chemicals. Its handle features a spring-loaded locking clip suitable for attaching extension poles. It does not come with a hose but requires a 2 or 1 ½ inch hose to work. It works decently well for picking up sand at the bottom of the pool.

4. Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head – 13 inches Wide

Weighing about 1.95 pounds, this pool vacuum head by milliard features an Air-relief valve that enables excess suction to be released. The air-relief valve also enhances smooth movement and across the length and breadth of the pool. This product works perfectly with vacuum hoses of both 1.25 and 1.5 inches. Extension poles are attached through its spring-loaded locking clips handle. The whole vacuum head was brilliantly made from ABS plastic to enable durability. This product proves more than useful for algae removal as it brushes performs exceptionally well in loosen algae. From experience, it works perfectly well for above ground vinyl pools but rather averagely in removing larger size debris. 

5. Hydro Tools by Swimline Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

As the name implies, this pool vacuum cleaner has a half-moon shape. This uniquely designed vacuum cleaner head weighs about 2.01 pounds and fits hose necks of approximately 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inches. From experience, it works just fine for vinyl pool. This product does not come with a pole and hose; you need to purchase them separately. It should be bored in mind that it possesses a large inlet hole for leaves removal; if the leaves you intend to remove are big, then this product will not be of much help. On the final note, for debris and sand removal, its brushes perform well. 

6. Milliard 14” Flexible Spa And Pool Vacuum Head

Weighing about 3.13 pounds, this vacuum pool head features a 1.5 inches suction port connection. With a cleaning surface of about 14 inches wide, this product was made from ABS plastic, which is notorious for its durability. It is to be used with standard extension poles hence its handle adapter and adjustable spring-loaded locking clips. It possesses a weighted flexible body to enhance maneuverability and constant suction. It features a free-rolling wheel to protect the pool surfaces from scratching. Experience suggests that its ability to climb walls and stairs is below average. It works well for above ground pools even though it is not efficient in removing algae.

7. Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head Half-moon Premium Flexible Vacuum Head

This 10.5-inch vacuum pool head was designed to work on all types of pool, ranging from pebble tec, vinyl, and tiles. The manufacturer is so confident about the efficiency of the product that it offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. It works well with most vacuum pool hoses and telescopic pole. Its unique design and build are a testament to its ability to stay in the ground cleaning off debris, leaves, and dirt. Weighing about 2.4 pounds, this vacuum pool head is ideal for above ground pools. It comes with side brush stick, EZ Clips for its handle, etc.

8. U.S. Pool Supply Flexible 12” Weighted Pool Vacuum Head

This 12 inches wide vacuum pool head deserves a spot on the list of the best vacuum pool head. It works with 1-1/4 and1-1/2 inches vacuum hose. Its flexible body enhances maneuverability around your pool floor, walls, and corners. It is ideal for pebble tec pool as it was designed not to scratch any pool surface it works on. Its handle features EZ clips for secure connection and disconnection to telescopic poles. It makes use of a 1-1/4-inch size telescopic pole. Please bear in mind that this product does not come with a telescopic pole. Experience suggests that this product is ideal for vinyl pools.

9. U.S. Pool Supply 14” Weighted Flexible Pool Vacuum Head

This 14-inch vacuum pool head was specifically designed for in-ground pools. Weighing about 2.96 pounds, this lightweight vacuum pool head features a swivel hose connection that accepts 1-1/4 and 1-1/2-inch hose. Its flexible design ensures that it stays submerged inside the pool. It moves with the aid of wheels reinforced by metal wheel bolts. It is suitable for vinyl pool; its pole handle was made from aluminum to guarantee durability. This vacuum pool head does not come with a telescopic pole.  It works just fine for above ground and in-ground pools. Customers enjoy a one-year warranty upon purchasing this product.

10. Swimline Corner and Step Vac Brush Vacuum Head Cleaner

Weighing only 0.64 ounces, this is perhaps the lightest vacuum pool head in the market. This handy and uniquely designed product works by connecting to a 1-1/2 inches vacuum hose and a skimmer pole. It features an angled brush to deliver perfect cleaning experience to your pool. Users’ experience suggests that it performs poorly when used to clean fine particles of dirt; it performs averagely well for cleaning corners and stairs. It, however, performs decently well in brushing pool surfaces. You will find this vacuum head desirable if you own a small pool, and you are running on a budget. It bristles seem to be designed without taking fine particle dirt into much cognizance. 

11. SplashTech 14-inch Weighted Flex Vacuum Head with Side Brushes

This 14-inch vacuum pool head was designed to fit 1.25- and 1.5-inches telescoping poles and vacuum tubes. Weighing about 2.1 pounds, it moves with the aid of wheels made from plastic. You will find its magnificent side brushes suitable for algae removal. Its unique design and build ensure that it stays inside water. From experience, it works just fine for vinyl pool. If there is one area the manufacturer of this vacuum pool head needs to improve on, that will be its maneuverability. Its movement around the apool is clumsy and discouraging. This vacuum pool head does not come with a hose.

12. Swimline HydroTools Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head

This triangular shaped vacuum pool head was specifically designed for optimum performance on vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools. This product is not for pebble tec pools; you can stop reading now if you own any pool other than vinyl and fiberglass. Its Snap-Adapt handle and triangular shape allow it to reach hidden corners of your pool. Possessing angled brushes for efficient debris pick up, this product is compatible with 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inches vacuum hose. One upside of this product is its relative ease of use. From experience, it performs pretty well in picking debris and dirt up but not so much in scrubbing the pool.

13. Poolmaster 27402 Deluxe Air Relief Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum

This pool vacuum head cleaner was specifically designed for vinyl pools. Its underside features removable and replaceable nylon bristles. Its handle was brilliantly made from stainless steel to enable it to stay submerged in the pool floor where it is needed. Its suction strength can be adjusted with the embedded two air relief valves. This vacuum head is compatible with 1.25- and 1.5-inches vacuum hose. The vacuum hose does not come with this product; you may need to purchase it separately. Although this product has a high suction power, experience suggests that it does not work well for leaves removal, especially at the bottom of the pool.

14. Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View Triangular Vinyl Liner Vacuum Head

This 11-inch-wide pool vacuum head was specifically designed for above ground, in-Ground vinyl liner pools. It is to be used with standard pool pole and vacuum hose, which users must purchase separately as it does not come with this product. It features a transparent ABS body and handle which allows users to see the vacuum as it submerges and clean off the pool floor. It also features the perimeter vinyl bumper to protect your pool from scratches as it delivers a heavy blow to the debris. Weighing about 2.43 pounds, this product possesses seven-channel brushes for stress-free top-notch cleaning.

15. Milliard Extra-Wide 19” Heavy-Duty Vacuum Head with Urethane Wheels

As its name implies, this sophisticated pool vacuum head features wheels made from urethane to protect your pool from scratches. This makes it suitable for pebble tec pools. Its handle adapter is made from aluminum, making it compatible with most standard extension poles. Its flexible body was brilliantly made from weighted plastic to aid its cleaning operation as it submerges to the bottom of your pool. With a 1.5 inches suction port connection, this vacuum pool head has a cleaning surface of about 19 inches wide. Users experience reinforce their suitability for leaves, dirt, sand, bugs removal. Weighing about 6 pounds, this heavy-duty vacuum head uses a 1-1/2-inch vacuum hose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use pool vacuum head?

A: Using a pool vacuum head is a walk in the park; it typically involves attaching it to one end of the telescopic pole and attaching the other end of the vacuum head to one end of the vacuum hose. The next step is to lower the hose and vacuum head to the pool. Finally, attach the other end of the hose to the water intake nozzle allowing the vacuum head to create suction. Now, move the vacuum head across the pool for cleaning.

Q: How does a pool vacuum head work?

A: Vacuum head works by attaching to pool cleaning poles, which are used to lower it to the pool for cleaning purposes. It also works by attaching to vacuum hose, which supplies it with water to create suction.

Q: How to use a mainstays pool vacuum head?

A: There is no particular procedure for using the mainstay vacuum head. They are used the same way other vacuum pool head cleaners are used.


The importance of a good vacuum pool head cannot be overemphasized. As you know, it makes pool cleaning easy and stress-free. The type of vacuum pool head you go for should be determined, among other factors, by the kind of pool you have. You will find from the vacuum heads so far reviewed the best pool vacuum head vinyl liner for you.  

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