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What Is The Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner

It is no brainer that swimming in dirty pools has serious consequences. I am not going to bore you with reasons you should keep your pools clean. To meet the ever-growing demand for pool vacuum cleaners’ manufacturers have continued to flood the market with vacuum cleaners. Each is claiming to have the product that can effectively and efficiently clean your pool. The question to ask is, What is the best pool vacuum automatic on the market? Bear in mind that no manufacturer will cast aspersion on their product.

Here are Some of The Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners in 2020!

1. XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Vacuum-Generic, Blue

This automatic vacuum cleaner requires a 1600 GHP or 3/4 hp swimming pool pump to work optimally. Since it works with the existing filtration system, It doesn’t require any extra tools or electricity to function. This blue colored automatic pool vacuum comes with ten hoses, and it is ideal for 30 ft deep pool. Users’ experience suggests that it is suitable for cleaning a pool wall and bottom surface. If you intend to use this automatic pool vacuum cleaner to clean stairs, please look elsewhere. It performs poorly in that department. It possesses an adjustable eyeball diverter to change the flow of water. This vacuum cleaner need constant cleaning to prevent erosion.

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

This automatic vacuum pool cleaner is ideal for swimming pools up to 50 feet. This independent vacuum cleaner does not require any extra equipment like hoses and pumps to work. It was uniquely designed to take less time to clean your pool. Experience suggests that it takes about two hours to clean a pool thoroughly. It can be set to automatically clean your pool every day, every third day, or every other day. It was designed to use two scrubbing brushes and navigate your pool surface effortlessly. Experience suggests that it works on all pool types ranging from tile to gunite.

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner, 280 Model

Requiring a Polaris booster pump to work, this automatic vacuum cleaner is ideal for all in-ground pools. It works by connecting with a 1.5- inch dedicated pressure cleaner line. This product comes with a 31-feet of feed hose and a vacuum inlet of 2.25 inches. Its three-wheel design enhances its movement as it scrubs, sweeps the pool walls and floor. This automatic vacuum pool cleaner was elaborately designed to swallow leaves and pebbles. It is powered by double jets which allow It to clean your pool very fast. Experience suggests that it takes less than three hours less to clean a pool.

4. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner, Blue/Gray

This easy to assemble automatic vacuum pool cleaner is ideal for in-ground pools with variable speed pumps. It comes with an automatic weir valve, a flow regulator valve, a hose protector, and a hose float. It was designed to use a cyclonic suction to deliver a top-notch vacuuming experience and turbine blade for smooth wall climbing. Its flow regulator, as you might have guessed, regulates the water flow. Its tracks are made of rubber while its wheels are made from plastic. Weighing about 17.45 pounds, this energy-efficient automatic vacuum cleaner comes with an easy to connect 8.4m swivel hose. 

5. Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner for Pools up to 33feet

This vacuum cleaner was specifically designed for small pools. It is ideal for pools up to 33 feet. This energy-efficient vacuum cleaner can effectively make your pool sparkling clean in about two hours. The fact that you do not need a pump and hose is a testament to its energy efficiency. This vacuum cleaner works independently as it does not require your filter or pool pump to work. Weighing about 14 pounds, this vacuum cleaner possesses a large capacity filter basket to pack a large volume of debris. It can be set to automatically clean your pool off dirt, whether from the walls or any pool surface ranging from plaster to gunite and tile.  

6. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools

As the name implies, this vacuum cleaner was specifically made for above ground pools; no magic can force it to work effectively on in-ground pools. Requiring a flow rate between 1,600 – 3,500gph, this brilliantly designed vacuum cleaner works by being fixed to the pool inlet connector in the pool. Users’ experience suggests that it can only perform optimally only if the air pockets are removed from its hose. This product comes with an easy to attached 24ft hose. From experience, it is safe to say it performs reasonably well in cleaning debris but performs averagely in cleaning algae. The manufacturers allow users to purchase replacement parts.

7. Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum Works Without Hose

Its simple build and appearance, it can easily be deduced that this lightweight vacuum cleaner was designed to be used in small pools. It picks up stones and debris without the need for accessories like battery and hose. it instead utilizes a telescopic pole made from aluminum and extending over seven feet. Weighing only 2.5 pounds, this product uses a simple siphon action to eliminate dirt from the pool.  Its filter can be removed for cleaning by screwing off the bottom plastic and using water to clean it off. Users’ experience suggests that it performs poorly in shallow pools and should best be used to remove small debris and dirt. 

8. POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Swimming Pool Cleaner

This lightweight vacuum pool cleaner is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which enables it to run for about 45 minutes when fully charged. Although it can be used for above ground pools, it was designed explicitly for small In-Ground pools. It features a 7.5 inches removable vacuum head for eliminating dirt and debris. This easy to clean vacuum cleaner can be put to work with a single push button. The product comes with a vacuum head comprising of a bristle brush, wall charger, one filter bag, and two micro filter bags. It can be attached to a telescopic pool pole for optimal performance. Users’ experience suggests that it can clean up to 33 gallons of water in a minute.

9. Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum

This automatic vacuum pool cleaner is straightforward to use and operate. It utilizes the SmartDrive technology to cover the length and breadth of the pool. Its ability to clean your pool is greatly enhanced by the suction path it creates while cleaning the pool. Users’ experience suggests that its stair-climbing ability is best described as average. Weighing about 19 pounds, this product comes with a hose, one upside of this vacuum cleaner is that it can stay in the pool for 24 hours a day and still functions well. This model was specifically made for vinyl pools and not concrete pools. 

10. Hayward W3PHS21CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)

This automatic vacuum pool cleaner is best described as sophisticated. It utilizes the patented V-flex technology to prevent clogs while maximizing suction power to clean off stubborn debris and dirt. It features a series of pre-programmed steering sequences and rugged tires to ensure smooth movement across surfaces and walls. Its ability to allow large debris to move across the cleaner is impressive. Coming with a 35 inches hose length, this automatic vacuum pool cleaner works well on Gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile pool surface type. Weighing about 17.95 pounds, this vacuum cleaner does not have its filter but instead uses your pool filter.

11. Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit with Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

This quiet automatic vacuum pool cleaner comes with an additional finned disc. It should be noted that the extra finned disc ensures adhesion and will be shipped separately. This product’s efficiency is greatly enhanced with low-speed pumps. It features a flow keeper valve to regulate water inflow, a wheel deflector to improve movement around every corner of the pool. One unique feature of the vacuum cleaner is that it was designed to work without gears, wheels, and flapper but moves instead with a diaphragm. Weighing about 20 pounds, this product comes with a hose and does not require any tool to install and operate.  

12. POOL BLASTER Max Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner

This uniquely designed automatic vacuum cleaner was designed for in-ground and above ground pools. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this product is ideal for cleaning dirt, sand, and leaves. It comes with a removable 10.5 inches scrub bush head. Its large filter bag, debris capture chamber, and Water Tech P30 Motor design ensure that it can filter a large volume of dirt and debris at a cleaning session. This product attaches to a telescopic pool pole and can work conveniently for one hour at a single charge. Weighing about 5.5 pounds, this automatic vacuum cleaner does not use any cord, and neither does it use hoses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use a pool vacuum cleaner?

A:  A pool vacuum cleaner is easy to use.  All that you need to do is identify and connect its part. A pool vacuum cleaner typically comprises of a telescopic pole, a vacuum hose and a vacuum head. Attach one end of the telescopic pole to the vacuum head. Where to attach the telescopic pole is easy to identify on the top of vacuum head. Without this attachment, the vacuum head will not be able to move around the bottom of the pool. You proceed by attaching the vacuum head to one end of the vacuum hose and hold the telescopic pole while you lower the vacuum head and one end of the hose into the pool. The other end of the hose must be outside. The other end of the hose that is outside must be attached to the water intake nozzle. This automatically creates suction prompting the vacuum head to be tight and flat on the pool floor. Use the telescopic pole to guide the vacuum head around the pool after switching the filter nozzle to the intake mode. The vacuum will clean the pool by sucking in dirt.

Q: How does a pool vacuum cleaner work?

A:  Pool vacuum cleaner work by being attached to the filtration system and water pump of the pol. Once the attachment is done, the suction moves to the filtration system through the vacuum head and the filtration system. This will allow you to clean the bottom and sides of the pool. Please take note that before the attachment, the suction goes through the filter.  


It is difficult to say unequivocally that a specific product is the best pool vacuum cleaner, except maybe you have a stake in the pool vacuum producing company or a lousy salesman. The best pool vacuum cleaner is any vacuum cleaner that can clean your pool efficiently at a minimal cost. You may want to check out the products we just reviewed.  

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