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What Is The Best Pool Vacuum Algae

It is no brainer that you have to take care of your pool. A poorly kept pool is ideally suited for the growth of algae; trust me, you don’t want algae to grow in your pool. What is the big deal if it does? Well, algae have been known to make pools unfit for swimming, ingestion of algae infected water can cause significant discomfort like dysentery, vomiting, headaches, and what have you. The market is replete with a lot of algae vacuum cleaners; the fundamental question to ask is, what is the best pool vacuum algae to buy? The crux of this little piece is to provide you with a list of some of the best pool vacuum algae to buy. 

Here are Some of The Best Vacuum Algae in 2020:

1. XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Vacuum-Generic, Blue

This easy to assemble vacuum algae cleaner is one of the most popular in the market. If comments by real users are anything to go by, it moves at about the rate of twelve feet per minute. That is impressive if you ask me. This product includes ten hoses for up to thirty pool. It can only function optimally with a swimming pool pump of about ¾ hp. One of the upsides of this product is that it doesn’t require electricity to work. All you need to do is attach to an existing filtration system, and it is ready to use. If you are on a budget and in need of a lightweight vacuum algae cleaner, you might find this interesting. 

2. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner with Hose Fittings for Above Ground Pools

As the name implies, this pool cleaner will automatically clean your pool once you put it to motion. It is much more suitable for cleaning the pool’s floor. Weighing about 15.3 pounds, this vacuum cleaner comes with an easy to attach 24ft hose. To perform optimally, it requires a filter pump that can deliver a flow rate of about 1600 and a slightly higher flow rate. Users’ experience suggests that it is straightforward to install and assemble but not suited for an in-ground pool. If you intend to use it for in-ground pools, there is no need for further reading simply move to the next item. Finally, you must ensure that it is properly set before usage.

3. Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518 Automatic 2-wheel Suction Cleaner for Concrete Pools

The fact that this alga vacuum cleaner was manufactured by an award-winning innovative company with over seven-decade experience in producing pool equipment leaves more to be desired. This product was brilliantly designed to include large turbines, and this allows the machine to clean all shades of debris. Possessing an automatic turbine suction cleaner, this vacuum cleaner covers walls, pool floor, and what have you. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to handle large pools, this product should be considered. It can conveniently clean pools up to 16 x 32. From its name, it appears as if the cleaner was solely produced for concrete pools. If your pool is not concrete, you may look elsewhere.

4. Aqua Products Mamba Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above ground pools

This brilliantly designed and easy to use pool cleaner deserves a spot in the list of best vacuum algae cleaner of the year 2020. This product combines an automatic suction cleaner with a 32 ft hose to deliver a good cleaning job. Its dual suction was elaborately designed to ensure that its pump and filter have a steady supply of water necessary for its operation. Its simple yet elaborate design suggests that it is suitable to clean stairs, corners, and walls. One major downside is that it is not suited to work on soft-sided pools but perfectly suited for above ground pools.

5. VIVOHOME Automatic In-ground Above Ground Suction Swimming Pool

Consider this automatic vacuum cleaner as an extension of your existing filtration system as it works by being attached to it. Primarily made from Abs, this product requires no manual or tools to install. Its hose is made from PVC, thus suggesting durability. From personal experience, we can confidently say that it requires a minimum of 0.5HP water pump to function; its suction power can be regulated using its speed regulator. One of the upsides of this product is that it comes pipes of about 32.8 feet long. This allows it to go deep down in order to remove algae, debris, stones, and what have you. Finally, the product was designed with an above-ground cleaning tool.

6. Skooba K563CBX Kokido Max Vac Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner

Weighing around 11.02 pounds with a dimension of 20.5 x 15.2 x 6 inches, this easy to assemble skooba K563CBX pumps above 530 GPH to clean the walls above the ground pool. It works by connecting to the water outlet, and this makes it very ideal for filtering underwater debris. Debris is collected in time by a detachable internal filter bag, thus preventing them from reaching the pool filter. This product is operated by directly hooking up to the pump from inside the pool. If your pool is within the dimension 20 x 12 above ground and you are on a budget, you may want to consider this vacuum cleaner. Finally, this product comes with essential adapters for a myriad of applications.

7. Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)

This uniquely designed vacuum cleaner manufactured by Hayward weighs about 19 pounds. Like most vacuum cleaner, it comes with a silent hose and an innovative suction cleaner technology, which allows it to remove debris and algae perfectly. Connecting in about fifteen minutes, this vacuum cleaner is straightforward to use. One significant upside of using this product is its ability to cover every part of your pool effortlessly. Based on an aggregate of users’ experience, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that does the job very fast and with great suction capability, you should consider this product.

How to Clean Algae from Pool without a Vacuum

Agreed, using a vacuum cleaner, makes the cleaning job more manageable. But what happens when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner? Will you sit down and fold your arms as algae colonize your pool? Well, your guess is as good as mine. There is an art to cleaning your pool without a vacuum; once you master this art, you can effectively clean your pool without vacuum. Here are the steps to follow in cleaning your pool without a vacuum:

  • Turn off the filter and brush it clean
  • Use a skimmer to clean the pool surface off debris
  • Apply algaecide to kill algae in the pool
  • Apply chlorine sanitizer to the water
  • Apply shock product to a smaller quantity of water and apply the amount to the affected part of the pool
  • Run the pool pump until the water clears 
  • Scrub the pool’s floor, ladder, and wall effortlessly
  • Plant algae-eating plants close to your pool. This will prevent further growth as the plants will deprive the prospective algae of the nutrients to thrive on

How to Vacuum Algae out of a Pool

As previously stated, using a vacuum cleaner makes the pool cleaning job more comfortable. However, having a vacuum cleaner alone is not enough; to get the job perfectly done, you need to have a mastery of its usage. Here is how to vacuum algae out of a pool:

  • The filter and pump must be running optimally before attempting to start
  • The vacuum head must be attached to the telescopic pole. You can check online or manuals for instructions on how to attach.
  • Attach the hose to the vacuum head and place it together with the telescopic pole in the pool
  • To push water through the hose, ensure that the other end of the vacuum is placed against a return jet already in the pool
  • Set up a waste line and vacuum the pool through it or through your filter if you have a cartridge that can be disposed of
  • Start vacuum cleaning from the shallow part and progress to the deeper part
  • After a thorough cleaning detach the vacuum head from the telescoping pole and drain the hose
  • Clear any available debris and clean the vacuum cleaner with fresh water


The decision to select the best vacuum cleaner to ward off your pool from unwanted algae can be quite tasking. A lot of factors like durability, quality, and budget size must be well considered. The best pool vacuum algae to buy is the one that removes algae in absolute precision, affordable and durable. Goodluck finding your choice from the ones we have so far reviewed. 

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