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How To Vacuum Intex Pool With Sand Filter

Swimming pools are more and more popular for American homeowners. Because of the various choices and low costs of available kinds of pools, more people than ever are relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Although there is a wide range of swimming pools sizes from small to large, you have to know the fact that skimmers can only remove dirt and debris that afloat or suspended in the water surface. However, the contaminants sinking to the bottom of the pool or sticking to the sides will not be taken away by skimming. These particulates can be brushed off both the bottom and sides, stirring them up. Therefore, the circulation will gradually clear these particulates through the skimmers. But there are still times when only vacuuming will completely clean up the pool and particularly give a fast result as you wish. You can use one or two valve setting for the pool vacuum, depending on the particulate level in the pool water. Having an Intex sand filter to vacuum your pool is totally necessary to ensure the cleanest water for yourself and your family.

intex pool

What Do You Need to Know Before Vacuuming Your Pool?

Why do you need to have a good vacuum and sand filter for your swimming pool?

There are many reasons to purchase an Intex pool filter and a high-quality pool vacuum. One of them is to have an outstanding system in place which can eliminate unfiltered debris from the water since a few debris could get into the pump and damage it. As the Intex vacuum not only takes away debris from the pool but also puts the debris into a filter bag and removes it out of the pool effectively. Therefore, it seems to be the excellent choice to clean your swimming pool, especially when used along with an Intex sand filter.

How Does a Sand Filter Work?

There are several uses of sand filters and vacuums when it comes to frequent maintenance of swimming pools, so it is really significant to understand how it works to ensure the cleanliness of the pool water. Not only knowing clearly what a sand filter is and how it works is necessary, but also choosing the right vacuum is also important. In fact, it is easier than you think to keep your pool clean and free of debris by following a few simple steps.

A sand filter is designed to trap particles and other contaminants existing in the water. First, the water goes through the filter system before returning to the pool free while all of the contaminants trapped in the filter sand. It is recommended to use a specific kind of sand for these filters.

Which Ones to Choose?

Intex Sand filters and vacuums are readily available at stores and usually comes with all the necessary accessories to set up. These accessories include two hoses, two fittings for the plunger valves, and two adapters for use in smaller pools. When using this filter for an Intex swimming pool, these supplies are all enough. However, when using the Intex Sand Filter for a pool of another brand, some additional components will often be needed.