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Summer is 42 months old.
Summer loves snow!  She was excited this past weekend to wake up to a fair amount of it, so in celebration I put together a few activities with winter in mind.
Here’s a look at our set-up…
And, a closer look at the activities.
Top Left: Counting/Transferring | Top Middle: Alphabet Puzzle | Top Right: Pattern Block Snowflake
Bottom Left: Shape/Color Puzzle | Bottom Middle: Name Recognition | Bottom Right: Scissor Practice
My main goal this week was to focus on letter recognition with Summer.  We played different games and she loved it!
We also practiced spelling her name.  This was a favorite!
Shape and color recognition…
Summer loves scissor practice and she does really well with control.
I should have made this activity a little more challenging.  The muffin tin had numbers in each cup from 1-6.  The idea was to transfer that particular number of “ice” into each cup.  Next time, I’ll be using larger numbers. 😉

She made snowflake patterns using these worksheets.

And lots of free play, though she preferred the less messy activities.

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