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This past week, Summer went from taking several steps here and there to walking back and forth short distances.  With her new found freedom, it has been a bit challenging to keep her in one spot for very long.  Our “Tot School” time together usually lasts about 30 minutes.  Depending on her mood, it can be shorter or longer if she is content and having fun.  I try to have our 1:1 time when Abby is watching Speekee or working on independent work.
Here’s a look at her Discovery Baskets this week.
Summer did not seem too interested in her stacking blocks.  She mainly liked tossing them around or chewing on them.  Lately, she will hand items to you when asked and continues to enjoy placing items into various containers.
She loved the caterpillar gear toy!  Each time I would turn the gears, she would giggle.  Then, she would take each gear off, play with the wood board and hand me the pieces to put back on.
I’m not sure who enjoyed the basket of random kitchen items more, Abby or Summer.  This was the favorite by far and so simple to put together.
As I’ve mentioned before, Summer loves being outside.  She loves swinging and sliding down the bumpy slide with assistance, of course.  After awhile though, she gets pretty drowsy. 🙂
She also enjoys watching Abby, trying to be just as big.  We are fortunate to have such a sweet, caring role model for her to look up to.

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