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There are many ways to help kids explore the five senses.  This fun sensory bag game will help children use their sense of touch along with helping to provoke their thought process.

What You Will Need

Brown Paper Bags
Items with varying textures, sizes, etc
Blindfold (totally optional and just for fun)

What’s Next

Number each bag (I did this mainly for myself to keep track of the items) and fill with various items.

Let your child explore each bag and guess what’s inside.

You can help little ones by asking descriptive questions about the item (hard, soft, rough, cold, long, short) to provoke their thought process.

When they are done, check their guesses to the actual item to see if they were correct.  On the other hand, your child (like mine) could just rip off their blindfold suddenly EACH TIME to see if they were right. 😉  For older kids, they could pencil in their guesses next to each number on a sheet of paper to compare when finished.

Trying to figure out what to use inside your sensory bags?  We used cotton balls, Q-tips, a banana, toy giraffe, frozen ice pack, toy keys, a brush, a cup, ponytail holder, and a stuffed animal.

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