Letter Z | Zebra + Zoom

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Kaitlyn is 3.5 years old.

We have reached the end of the alphabet! We've had a fun time exploring the various themes with each Bitty Beginnings' Letter Pack and the girls have enjoyed the activities so much!
Now, our week...

Here's a look at our Letter Z set-up!


We skipped the playdough and used these foam car stickers instead to make Letter Z's. Then, she used the car to "zoom" around to trace the letter.


We worked on sorting letters. You can download this activity free here.


Pre-writing practice...


Spot It!


She loved this puzzle.


Counting and stacking her pegs on the airplane...


Several games of Alphabet Bingo...


And, we attempted to play Rush Hour Jr. I love this game and so do the girls. Kaitlyn's a little too young yet to totally get it, but Summer LOVES it!


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