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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kaitlyn is 3.5 years old.

I've been getting a few questions on what age your child needs to be to begin school.  When Abby was little, I had this idea I had to wait until she was 5 or something to begin.  I ended up starting her when she was three and was amazed at how quickly and easily she learned things.  Summer would sit in as a baby joining in from time to time, but mainly just observing.  I started her a little earlier (age 2) with weekly letter activities and to expose her. Though I never set up specific activities for Kaitlyn until recently, she always sat in with Summer.  They are about 19 months apart so it's easy to combine them most of the time.  I never knew how much babies and toddlers could pick up just by being involved with older siblings.  It's truly amazing!

Now for our Letter X week!

Our shelf of activities... 


We are using Bitty Beginnings' A to Z Letter Learning Packs as a base for our themes, courtesy of Bitty Beginnings.

She loves these Letter Crowns!  Her favorite part is identifying the shapes.


Spot It!


Do-A-Dot...you can download for free here.


We used foam shapes to make Letter X...


Then sorted by shape and identified the name and color.


Made lots of towers with blocks...


And, the girls spent most of the week making music and having concerts.


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