Letter W | Watermelon + Whale

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kaitlyn is 3.5 years old. 

We are continuing our Letter of the Week and focused on Letter W this week, our theme being Watermelon + Whale based on Bitty Beginnings A to Z Learning Packs.

Our set-up...

We are using the A to Z Letter Learning Pack from Bitty Beginnings as our base, courtesy of Bitty Beginnings.

This pre-writing practice printable is quickly becoming her go to activity. We use scented markers for even more fun.


Dot painting...we use Do-A-Dot brand markers, they work great and do not leave behind an inky mess. We've tried several brands and this is my favorite.


Her sensory bin was filled with colorful rice, lots of whales from our Toob kits and her Look and Find Pieces from Bitty Beginnings.



She worked on tracing...


Piecing her letter puzzles together...


She did a little watermelon seed count using buttons.


She's still learning how to put puzzles together, so Summer helped her quite a bit.


Using our Wedgits to build...


Working on her fruit puzzle...


And, playing with our geometic stacker.


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