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Sunday, September 24, 2017

We are inching closer to the end of the alphabet and this week seemed to fly by.  Overall, Kaitlyn is flying through what I have planned.  She's getting so quick it's hard to snap pictures in time and asking her to redo it, just isn't happening. Several activities I had out she really liked and a few she wasn't too impressed with. 

Our set-up...


We are using Bitty Beginnings A to Z Alphabet Letter Learning Packs as the base, courtesy of Jen from Bitty Beginnings.

I hid Kaitlyn's Look and Find pieces in dry pasta and set it on top of her shelf.  She loved this!



She wanted to use the dry "bow" pasta to make her Letter S all pretty.


Writing "S" in rolled oats...


She practiced counting and number identification...



Lacing wooden beads...


Located farm animals and animal sounds... 



And, lots of sensory play with oats.


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