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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Last year, I began incorporating Abeka K4 into our weekly letter activities.  I was hoping to offer Summer more hands-on learning activities alongside her Abeka work, but also include Kaitlyn who seemed to be more and more interested in what we were doing. 

Our set-up...


I get so many questions about our shelf, the trays and if my kids actually leave it alone during the week or if it gets destroyed. First off, the shelf is Threshold from Target.  It's held up really well over the last several years even with me moving it across the room a dozen times. The trays are from Oriental Trading, just search "cool craft trays." These are perfect for just about anything!

Our homeschool room is in our basement and not the main level of our home.  When I begin setting up the shelf it does receive quite a bit of attention from the girls.  They look, explore, touch, pick up and begin thumbing through the books.  At first it drove me nuts, yes--but then I began to accept that it's all brand-new and I'm doing it for them for this exact purpose--to excite them and get them intrigued to learn.  However, once I've organized everything--it's off limits until we begin that day's activities and they are really good about listening--most of the time.  When the baby is in the room with us though, the trays are moved to another location.  Sometimes we replace the trays with baby friendly activities and books or just leave them empty.

Honestly, my go to way to incorporate preschool activities into our day lately is just by pulling random printables out of a folder or grabbing a game or resource I think one of my girls may like.  It all works whatever way you decide is best!

Onto our week...

We are using printables courtesy of Jen from Bitty Beginnings as a base for our weekly activities.

Summer continues to love Spot It, we use this to reinforce letter sounds and identification.  


Letter sorting...


Dot painting...


Lots of playdough fun...




Look and Find...


And, letter puzzles...


We used stickers to randomly identify numbers 1-20.


And, worked on rhyming with puzzles.


Tot School Gathering Place

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