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Monday, January 09, 2017

Happy Monday, Friends! 

We are over halfway through the alphabet and Summer is enjoying our weeks so much more now that we've added our letter of the week activities back in!  If you are new here, we've been using the A-Z Alphabet Letter Learning Packs from Bitty Beginnings as a base for our weekly themes and the majority of our printables.  This year, we added Abeka K4 into our week, as well.

This week's set-up...


We switched things up this week and used stickers instead of dot markers which was a fun change.  I had her tell me the sound of  "o" each time she "spotted" the letter.  You can download a free set here.


I shared this picture on Instagram (@themagnoliabarn), but she loves "playing cards."  I sort the stack handing her half of the two-part cards, leaving me with the other half.  We each take turns laying a card down and usually do this several times just because she enjoys it so much.


She LOVED this week's pre-writing practice sheet with all the swirls!


And, then I hid her Look & Find pieces in a basket filled with raffia.  She had so much fun with this and did the activity over and over again.  I also added her Letter Hunt letters (various sized Letter O's printed on scrapbook paper) and then she sequenced them big to little/little to big.



I found this neat little die in one of my manipulatives bins.  I had her roll it, tell me the number and then count out and spoon that amount of beads into the tray.


We played Alphabet Bingo focusing on letter sounds...


Worked on patterns...


And played several games of Hoot Owl Hoot, one of Summer's favorite games!


We are still in the review portion of Abeka with a few new concepts thrown in here and there. Right now she is learning consonants and beginning to blend while working on listening for vowel sounds at the beginning and middle of words.



Handwriting is also a focus we are working on.  She's pretty meticulous on her work and will erase over and over until she gets it right or close to it.  I usually have her practice on the whiteboard before she begins with pencil and paper, but her new Boogie Board for Christmas has been a fun addition.



  1. Hi there! Love your blog! I am currently homeschooling my 3 year old and I love the see through letters on your top shelf each week. Can you please tell me where you got them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Suzanne and thank you! The letters are from Learning Resources and called the Letter Construction Kit. You can find them on Amazon.