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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We are halfway through the Northeast Region of the United States, this week learning all about Massachusetts! My goal is to finish this particular region during Abby's final week of second grade, around the first week of June.  From there, we will take a short break as she enjoys a few weeks of activities during the summer picking up with the Southern Region in July.  You can read more details about her summertime plans here.


I was excited to set up Abby's shelf  for the week and she was just as thrilled to see all the items included!  I had a few "props" to go along with several state facts and she loved looking at them and asking questions.


I always seem to catch our first activity of the week, coloring.  It may seem like we color ALOT--which is partly true.  Abby was never interested in coloring until she turned 6 (she's 7 now) and by constant request we seem to be making up for lost time. ;-)  A few other printables I like to use during the week are here and here.


As far as facts and such, I'm not seeking mastery with Abby at this point.  My main goal is to expose her to the information and I'm really happy with how much she's retained, especially with the states and capitals.  One of my favorite resources for learning the capitals is a multi-song collection by Larry and Kathy Troxel.  The states are broken into various sections (Northern Border, Southern Border,  Eastern Border, Pacific and Middle) and I love that the order in which the songs are presented is true to the location of the state per section.  Initially, we began with the Southern Border song because I found it to be a good starting point.  I had originally planned to follow up with the Eastern border, but Abby asked if we could learn the Northern Border first.  It actually worked better because she has been able to familiarize herself with states from multiple regions along with our weekly studies of the Northeast. 

Since she is becoming familiar with more states, I wanted to try a new activity printable with her to see what she thought.  This particular set is in alphabetical order (there are other options available) and I knew going into it there would be about 4 states she would be uncertain about.  She ended up enjoying the activity and it allowed the opportunity to introduce her to those new states and capitals--definitely an activity to re-visit in the coming weeks.



We also began If You Lived At The Time Of The American Revolution, which will be spread out over the next several weeks.  We touched on the Boston Tea Party, Loyalists, Patriots, Paul Revere, etc. which we paired with Liberty's Kids and several read alouds including: Sam the Minuteman, Who Was Ben Franklin?, and Paul Revere's Ride.

Abby was also able to complete the introductory activity pages of Little Passports with a photo scavenger hunt using the included disposable camera.  She has been looking forward to completing this activity for a few weeks now, so I'm glad we finally had the opportunity.  We went on a little hunt around the house and in the woods before exploring downtown to collect a few pictures of "cool" buildings.


We finished up our week making Chocolate Chip Cookies in honor of the Toll House Inn located in Whitman, MA.  Next on our road trip--New Hampshire!

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  1. I love the outdoor photo. It is so pretty. The Road Trip is so fun. I love learning about the different states and watching Abby's progress. Such a fun way to learn. :-)

    1. i love the wildflowers! This week was a lot of fun.

  2. We loved LIttle Passports when we did it! Also love the table you set up for the states..creative!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! This is the first time we've used Little Passports and Abby is really enjoying the activities, especially the scratch book.

  3. Such a fun way to tour the states! We tried a unit like that a few years ago but I was not so good at keeping it going.

    1. Busy weeks can get you off track for sure, we've just come out of one and I'm battling staying on track. I have to say having a basic outline of simple activities has really helped even if we don't get to everything I have planned.