Letter I | Ice Cream & Iguana + Giveaway

Monday, May 02, 2016

Summer is 45 months.

Recently, I shared plans for Summer during the upcoming summer months.  I love seeing her excitement each day and it keeps me motivated to find fun ways to encourage and challenge her.  My plans are constantly evolving as random thoughts pop in my head, ideas fail, or her interests change, but I'm excited to see where to next few months lead us.

This week, our set-up was all about Letter I with an Iguana and Ice Cream theme!


Towards the beginning of the year, I would change out certain activities daily while others stuck around a day or two longer.  Lately, I've made it a point to switch out activities on a daily basis.  I began using this sheet a few weeks ago which serves as a guide in organizing our week. I like that it gives me a great starting point to generate ideas for certain categories like ABC's, 123's, Shapes & Colors based on the themes we are doing that week.

Here's a closer look at her activities for Day One.


Our weekly themes and most printables are from Bitty Beginnings' Alphabet Letter Learning Packs, on Etsy. 

The two-part puzzles were by far her favorite activity!  We played over and over again.  First, I spread most of the cards (half of each puzzle) down so she could match the other half.  Then, we each took one half of each of the cards and took turns laying down a card so the other could match.




Sensory bin filled with kinetic sand, silk leaves and filler for her Look & Find Pieces...



We also use Animal ABC's when the animal matches our theme.  She loves to practice cutting, so this is always perfect for her.


Color practice...


This was the first times she's really worked with opposites and she loved it.


Counting the scoops of ice cream and matching the correct number...


More counting and number identification...


She did so well with this uppercase/lowercase letter matching game and was pretty proud of herself.


Color matching...


Spooning and transferring pom poms for ice cream...


One afternoon, we set up a little Ice Cream Shoppe and she had so much fun!



And, now for the Giveaway!

Jen from Bitty Beginnings is offering one of my readers a chance to win her Letter I | Alphabet Learning Pack filled with 12 activities!  The pack includes the option to print certain activities in either pink/purple or green/blue depending on your child and she details how to prep each activity along with fun ways to play.  Keep checking back for more opportunities to win each week as I share each letter!

For a chance to win, simply enter below! 


  1. This is such a great idea! I love this daily tray idea and want to start doing this for my preschooler.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I loved the idea too as soon as I saw it and couldn't wait to incorporate it into our weeks. Perfect way to keep me organized!

  2. I love the iguana hiding amidst the greenery. Very creative. Summer, your ice cream sundaes are making me hungry. That looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Have to love last minute ideas. Lol. She loved creating various sundae options with the pom poms.

  3. The matching with ice cream cones and different activities is so creative. What great ideas.