USA Geography | Connecticut

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Over the last several weeks, we've been enjoying our new geography curriculum.  I outlined our initial plans here and our first week of introductory activities here.  This week we traveled to the Northeast and visited our first state, Connecticut.


Each week, I set up Abby's workbox shelf to house the majority our geography resources for quick reference.  I try to include our atlas', weekly state abbreviation, a foam shaped cut-out of the state, along with any additional books and items that we may use.  You'll notice I have a few items from Little Passports included this week.  We won a three month subscription and our first package arrived not long ago.  We were unable to begin the activities this week, but should have a chance to explore them next week which my girls are excited about.


We began by locating Connecticut on our wall map and getting to know the state capital.  I asked Abby to tell me which region of the country Connecticut was a part of and also what major body of water runs alongside the state.  We read excerpts from our atlas' and parts of this book, as part of the Road Trip USA curriculum.

I love these coloring sheets from Crayola!  They include many of the state facts that we discuss and as I'm reading, Abby and Summer can color along and point to the pictures as we discuss.


Abby's favorite activity, is this sheet.  She gets to use her new knowledge to answer the questions, plus it's a great review of the information we went over the day before.


I also found this cute USA Passport that we started putting together and can continue to add to each week.  She created a self-portrait, located our home state and added/dated our travel to both Washington D.C and Connecticut.



The majority of our week was spent reading several read alouds.  I pulled these from several sites (see Pinterest board) and highly recommend several of them.

We finished our week by making hamburgers as Connecticut is known for the first hamburger.

Next week, we will be traveling to Delaware.


  1. That is an interesting way to learn the states. I can see why you all like this. Abby is growing up so fast. I Love following along the journey.

    1. She is and thank you! I love having these little memories to look back on.

  2. We too love the Crayola sheets for each state; they are great!

    1. They really are great! Perfect for providing a visual for the facts.