Preschool | Thanksgiving Theme

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Summer is 39.5 months old.

I was really excited to do a Thanksgiving theme with Summer.  It's always been one of those holidays that catches me off guard and slips away.  However, I was determined this time around, keeping the activities simple, which worked out well for our unusually busy week. 

Here's our set-up...


A closer look at the activities...

Top Left: Acorn Transfer | Top Middle: Turkey Alphabet Match | Top Right: Shadow Matching
Bottom Left: Table Setting | Bottom Middle: Shape Matching | Bottom Right: Turkey Number Match

She always seems to enjoy transferring activities.  This was just a simple acorn transfer with tongs.


Shape identification and matching...


We used several printables from this Thanksgiving pack including shadow matching...






And, lego matching which I thought she would love.  While we worked together on a few, she was more interested in making tall towers and trains. :-)



I made this puzzle using this printable to help with number identification. 


Topping the pie...she loved telling me the number and wanted us to take turns adding the "whipped cream."


  1. This is all so adorable! I love it! What great activities, I cannot wait to add these to our list.

    1. Thank you! Simple was definitely the key this week and sometimes that's all you need. :-)

  2. Awesome activities! I love seeing how others set up their ares. It always inspires me.

    1. Thanks, Erin. I know I'm always curious to see how others set up their activities, as well. The more ideas the better. :)

  3. Seriously- you are such a great mom! Those themes are so cute. I wish I had an ounce of your organization :).

    1. I can promise you that I look more organized than I really am, but thank you. :)

  4. All great ideas! Thank you for sharing!