Preschool | Autumn Fun

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Summer is 39 months old.

Autumn is such an exciting time, the activities and fun are endless and I wanted to enjoy just one more week celebrating my favorite season.  You can read more about our previous Autumn-themed week, here

Our activity display...


Here's a closer look at the activities...

Top Left: Leaf Color Sort | Top Middle: Pumpkin Spice Playdough | Top Right: Positional Words
Bottom Left: Leaf Do-A-Dot | Bottom Middle: Alphabet Look and Find | Bottom Right: Pom Pom Transfer/Spoon

Summer went straight for the leaf color sorting tray.  I taped printed labels with the color name along with matching foam strips so she could simply match the colors.


I wasn't exactly sure if she would understand the positional words activity, but wanted to give it a try.  She loved it and asked to do it several times.


We used several Autumn-themed printables from Bitty Beginnings, right now the entire shop is 50% off (until Nov. 30th) just enter GRANDOPEN50 at checkout. 


Letter matching...


Look and find matching...


Three-part puzzle matching, download a sample, here.


She also worked on beginning sounds, still something we are taking slow.



I've been sharing bits (very real version) of our day via Snapchat (themagnoliabarn), this activity being one of them.  Summer does really well with these tracing sheets and for the most part tries hard to keep them neat, except when she's excited to get outside. :-)


Size sequencing...


Spooning and transferring pom-poms...



Opposites...she really enjoyed this!


Bible time, we are using Bible Study Guide for All Ages 3-K.


This pumpkin spice playdough had an amazing smell.  I used my favorite playdough recipe,  added neon orange gel food coloring, cinnamon, nutmeg and let the girls add whole cloves.  It's by far the best smelling playdough!


Lots of pumpkin soup play...this has been out for a week or two and all the girls are still loving it!



Then, we went outside exploring.






  1. What fun! I enjoy following along the journey. Nice colors and a cute little model.💜🍁🌸