Preschool | Halloween Theme

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Summer is 39 months old.

I love adding seasonal and holiday themes into our preschool, but to be honest it throws me off--big time!  Summer has been counting down the days until "Hallow-ing" and I thought she might enjoy a week of Halloween-themed hands-on activities.

Here's a look at our set-up.


I pulled our Halloween themed printables from Over the Big Moon to work on a number of skills. These were not on her trays, but pulled out randomly throughout the week.

She worked on sorting...


Counting and number identification...


And, shadow matching...


One night, she asked to try the beginning sounds sheet she found while going through some papers I was organizing.  We took it slow, but I could tell she was listening close and she did well.  Definitely an activity we will try to incorporate more often.


We worked on a puzzle together which was challenging, but a good introduction.


The activities on her trays kept her busy most of the week, many activities she would spend a lot of time on doing over and over.

I picked these sparkly foam pumpkins up at Target and made various foam cutouts for her to play around with.


She used stickers to make funny monster faces on cut out construction paper.  She really had fun with this.



I've also been trying to give her activities to work her little hand muscles.  These tweezers aren't the easiest, so eventually she switched to her hands to transfer the foam pumpkins into the container.



I honestly had no clue what she would think about threading pipe cleaners into small spaces.  We may have tried this once before, but she LOVED it. 


We practiced letter identification using small pumpkins and this printable.


Went "trick-or-treating" for shapes, while also working on colors...



Summer also helped make this adorable candy corn banner.  Just a paper plate, I outlined circles for her and she painted.  Once dry, we cut the plate into triangles, taped some black string to the back and attached some ribbon. She was worried when the colors mixed outside the lines, but I love the blended look, it's perfect! 



And, lots of pumpkin pouring...the girls had a blast making pumpkin soup.




  1. What a busy time. The different activities look like so much fun. Summer seems to focus and enjoy doing her school work. I love being able to follow along. Kaitlyn wants to be involved too. Very exciting! :-)

    1. Kaitlyn definitely enjoys being involved! It's so fun to watch.

  2. Awww, this is so lovely! I just adore the activities and the way they're presented. What a fun, educational atmosphere you've provided.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.