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Monday, October 12, 2015

Summer is 38 months old.

We just finished our third week of preschool and Summer continues to love it!  She asks every day if it's her school time and occasionally will want to do certain activities multiple times throughout the day.  If that happens, we usually play different ways to keep it interesting. 

One thing I've noticed about Summer is she is more vocal with her ideas and isn't shy to make suggestions, which I encourage and really look for.  For instance, matching..I usually lay one part of a match out, the other halves in a cup for her to match up. One day she asked if we could play cards.  I handed her one half of the matching pieces and kept the other half, then we would take turns laying down a card to complete the other person's match.  She really enjoyed seeing her idea come together and it made those few minutes extra special.

Our Letter C week is based on printables from Bitty Beginnings, our set-up below.


Normally dot markers are a favorite, but I wanted to change things up with stickers.  I'm glad I did, Summer headed straight for this activity and my little perfectionist tried to place her stickers as perfect as she could.



She loves glue sticks, so we glued her shadow match letter puzzle pieces.


Went on a letter hunt, still a favorite!


Letter craft painting,


I put together a little magnetic board with some pieces I saved from an old workbook I used with my oldest. I added some new pieces from our Bitty Beginnings printables and let her free play.  She was more enthusiastic with the magnets than anything else. :)


And, her letter crown which turned out so cute.


We read Eric Carle's, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I found some adorable printables to go along with the story.
This was one of her favorite sheets, I can't tell you how many times we did this one over and over.


Used clothes pins to match the numbers...


She loved a few videos I found on YouTube.




We also used this printable from 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's pack.


Coloring and painting her caterpillars and butterflies...



She wasn't quite into this color puzzle at first, but by the end of the week had a lot of fun with it.


Trying out new ways to place our Tobbles, the sillier the better...


Lots of free play with her farm and family of cows...


And, we made a super easy and cute cupcake craft to go along with, If You Give  A Cat A Cupcake.  All I did was print off a cupcake template, cut various colors of tissue paper into small squares, then I used a glue stick on the template pieces so Summer could stick the tissue paper on however she wanted.  Once she covered all the template pieces and it was dry, I cut each cupcake piece out.  Then, she helped me glue the cupcake together, added pom-poms for the cherry and glitter glue for sprinkles.


And, now for the Giveaway!

Jen from Bitty Beginnings is offering two of my readers a chance to win her Letter Cc | Alphabet Letter Learning Pack filled with 12 activities!  The pack includes the option to print certain activities in either pink/purple or green/blue depending on your child and she details how to prep each activity along with fun ways to play.  Keep checking back for more opportunities to win each week as I share each letter!

For a chance to win, simply enter below! 

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