Letter B | Bubblegum (Bubbles) and Birds + Giveaway

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Summer is 38 months.

It's officially Autumn, my favorite time of year!  I'll be sharing our Autumn-themed preschool activities within the coming weeks, but this week was a continuation of our letter of the week focus, Letter B based on Bitty Beginnings Alphabet Letter Learning Packs.

The top view of our set-up...


I received a question about our set-up regarding whether I rotate activities out daily or weekly.  To be honest, that was one of the first questions I had years ago when I stumbled upon Tot School for my oldest daughter.  Besides the sheer excitement of doing something fun with my toddler, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of information and especially whether there were new activities daily and how I would ever be able to come up with so many ideas for my child in one week.  It's not that difficult, trust me!   

I personally do not change out every activity daily.  I have a general plan of our week written out and most everything printed, prepped and stored in a folder ready to go.  As mentioned in my last preschool post, I've NEVER been this organized before and it's key!  There are certain activities that I do change daily, such as do-a-dot printables, coloring sheets and any other activity that I plan to use just once.  Of course, some sheets could be placed in a sheet protector to be used all week and that's fine.  My rotation also depends on Summer.  I always try to have a back-up activity just in case there's one tray she's not particularly interested in. This is easy with the learning packs we are using this year, which have plenty to choose from.  Same idea applies to the days we get done quicker than planned. I can simply pull out extra printables in my folder for her to do that are either new that week or a previously used activity to review.  Again, it depends on her and what I want her to work on.

For instance, this is a view of our shelf from the first day.  I had two trays that were designated as "daily" trays.  Everything at this point was supposed to either be used at least two days or all week in a variety of ways.


The first tray was a beading activity I'd planned to do once or twice during the week.  My idea was to have Summer make bangle bracelets to wear and play with throughout the week, but after a few minutes she decided she was ready to move on.  She put it back on the shelf, moved on to the next tray and we continued on.  The next day, I replaced the beading activity with an alphabet puzzle and she loved it!  I kept the puzzle out for a day or two with the beading activity close by and eventually she asked if she could try beading again, which we did and it worked better.


Here's the alphabet puzzle we used.  It's bright, fun and there are so many ways to learn through play.  I love it!


The pattern block activity using this printable was something else I thought she would really enjoy and an activity I had planned to use several times throughout the week.  She tried for a bit by herself, then wanted me to help her finish.  From her reaction, I knew this was another activity that would be better to re-visit after a few days.  She ended up working on it with Abby a few days later and enjoyed it much more.


This number puzzle was her favorite!  It was on repeat all week and we played several ways.  We counted forwards and backwards, I had her find numbers randomly and had her choose numbers at random and identify.


She worked through several of our Bitty Beginnings themed printables.  These were sheets rotated out daily.


Another repeated activity was this shape and color recognition tray.  I really like exposing her to shapes, letters, numbers and colors on a weekly basis.  We did just a basic transfer of pom poms by hand to the matching colored shape where she told me both the name and color of the shape.


One day, I threw in tongs for a change.


We worked on tracing...




And, this look and find activity using Summer's favorite bright purple rice.


And, bird matching...


We made a simple bird feeder using a paper towel roll, peanut butter and bird seed.


The girls also made a bird craft using bubblegum scented paint, which was a mixture of shaving cream, pink paint, glitter and bubblegum flavoring using this template to paint.  Once dry, it was time to decorate!  I love how cute they turned out!



And, lots of bubble fun outside!


And, now for the Giveaway!

Jen from Bitty Beginnings is offering two of my readers a chance to win her Letter Bb | Alphabet Letter Learning Pack filled with 12 activities!  The pack includes the option to print certain activities in either pink/purple or green/blue depending on your child and she details how to prep each activity along with fun ways to play.  Keep checking back for more opportunities to win each week as I share each letter!

For a chance to win, simply enter below! 


  1. Wow, really great background info. It's so inspirational to do with my own kid. Thank you for sharing.
    And where did you get that nice ball en apple letter poster last week which is on the wall? I really like them.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The wall posters are from Sing, Spell, Read and Write. They originally come in the curriculum kit, but I called Pearson to see if they could sell the wall cards separately and they were able to accommodate my request. Hope that helps.

  2. I need that wooden alphabet puzzle! Where's it from?

    1. Hey, Megan! I found ours at a local teacher supply store, but Amazon also sells it. Search for Big Jig Toys Chunky Alphabet Puzzle. I'll try to link it above some time this weekend. Totally slipped my mind.