Tot School: F is for Foot and Doc McStuffins Theme

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Summer is 30.5 months old.

This week we continued using Tot School Printables from 1+1+1=1 and focused on the Letter F.  I love how excited she gets when I ask if she wants "to do school." 

Since Summer loves coloring so much, I started her off with the coloring sheet.  She prefers to color all at once, so one day we colored and the next few days we played a game to locate colors.



She matched her foam shapes to the pictures.

Shape Match

Shape Match 2

She also has a slight obsession with dry erase idea where she gets that from and enjoyed the prewriting practice sheet.

dry erase board

One day, I pulled a few Valentine's Day inspired activities for her.  She practiced gluing the foam hearts and lacing. 

Glue Heart

Gluing Heart

Heart Placing

Lacing Heart


The vocabulary focus this week was parts of the body. My girls are fans of Doc McStuffins so I thought it might be fun to incorporate that into our week.  I had some happy girls!


I used an old workbench for the checkup center and set up all the Doc McStuffins toys we had and a few books.  I filled the basket with animals and baby dolls and Summer (and Abby) loved it!

Setup 4
Doc McStuffins Doll | Doctor's Bag

Setup 3
Doctor Coat | Book of Boo Boo's

Setup 2
Dora the Doctor | Corduroy Goes to the Doctor

Doctor Play

Playing Doc

Playing Doctor

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