Tot School: E is for Egg

Friday, January 30, 2015

Summer is 30 months old.

In October, we began working on a new space downstairs that doubles as both my office and the girls' school room. During the transition, we were in the middle of our Letter E activities and all that just kind of went out the window.  We moved downstairs, got to organizing, trying to make sense of all the toys, manipulatives, books and STUFF and it was overload BIG TIME.  Then, Christmas came around and the mostly finished office/school room became giftwrapping central. January..I'm finally sharing our Letter E activities that span over several months and enthusiastically looking forward to Letter F!

Summer is a natural at being in the kitchen.  She enjoys shadowing me while I make dinner and even sits with me while we watch my all-time favorite cooking show, Barefoot Contessa.  What can I say...she's been immersed since birth.  With food being a vocabulary theme for Letter E, I knew she would have a great time playing kitchen.

I shared this photo several months ago on Instagram.  I love her serious face and how content she is playing. 

Summer Kitchen2

To be honest, it's hard finding time to sit and play with her...just her.  As much as I'd love to say I've got a certain time blocked off for just her and I to spend together, we don't.  Most days, I'm wrangling a 10 month old who likes to grab anything and everything while attempting to keep an ever so curious 6 year old focused on her work.  It's something that I've challenged myself to do on a more regular basis.

Right now, I'm using these printables as a base for what we do.  As the weeks go on, I will most likely add more Montessori based activities, but while we continue to get aquainted with our new space I will probably stick with the printables for convenience and simply because she really enjoys them.

The matching cards and vocabulary cards are always a hit.  She will do these over and over until she decides she's through or agrees to try something different. 

Matching Eggs

We used this particular sheet to circle the eggs. 

Circling Eggs

Puzzles are always a favorite...

Fruit Puzzle

And of course, coloring...she LOVES it!  I'm amazed at how much she picks up from Abby and just by listening.  She completed this sheet by herself and named most of the colors as we moved through it.

Coloring Eggs

Finished Picture

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