Tot School: B is for Ball

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer is 25.5 months.

For our second week of Tot School Printables, we focused on B is for Ball.  I love having an item of focus to help Summer with her growing vocabulary.  She picked up on the weekly word rather quickly again!  However, she wasn't as interested in the printables this time around.  

To build her interest, I looked for new ways to incorporate the printables.  For this particular activity, I thought she might enjoy painting....and she did!


I also cut the coloring sheet apart and she surprised me by coloring each ball in one sitting.


One of her favorite activities was this shape and color sorting activity!


We played several different ways.  At first, she would pick up a shape and I would say for instance,  "Where does the green star go?"  As she became more familiar with the shapes and colors, I would ask her to choose a certain colored shape.  Eventually, she wanted to sort each shape by color and then dump the remaining shapes into the correct space.


She played with playdough...


Looked through her favorite book quite a bit...


And, she finger painted...



She played with several balls I rounded up from around the house.  She loved playing catch, kicking and rolling them.


My favorite part of the whole week was going for a nice walk together on a crisp evening.  


Kaitlyn joined in a few times, as well.  Summer had a bit of fun rolling the ball to her.




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