Nancy Larson Science K Review

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In January, we received Nancy Larson Science K as part of Abby’s Kindergarten Curriculum.  We managed to complete two seasonal lessons (Winter and Spring), but took a small break from school. After resuming in May, we have since completed all the lessons and I want to share our experience.  You can read more about our break, my initial thoughts of the program and specific details of the Nancy Larson Science curriculum in this post.
We received Nancy Larson Science K Homeschool courtesy of Nancy Larson Science in exchange for our honest opinion.  
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When I began planning our second half of the year, I set out to do one science lesson each day.  I was super excited to see what Abby was going to learn!  Along the same time, Abby had a fun-filled summer of weekly activities awaiting her.  I knew we would be busy and I was not exactly sure how a full school schedule with daily science would work, but I knew we could cut back if need be.  There was no need to worry!  The Nancy Larson Science program fit perfectly into our day.  Our new routine was both fresh and fun, something I had hoped for.  When we took a day off, she would ask, "Why aren't we doing my science today?"  She LOVED it!

The lessons are perfect for busy, homeschooling moms!  While I try to be organized and have my lessons and materials planned and ready, life happens.  Nancy Larson Science makes it easy!  When things got hectic and I was not prepared, it was not a big deal.  I was able to quickly gather the needed materials listed for the lesson, even when I was short on time.  The scripted lessons offered a starting point to get my child engaged. As I became more accustomed, I felt more comfortable adding in more discussion that related personally to my child. The lessons are short, yet full of hands-on activities to keep even the most active child's full attention.

Having two younger daughters in addition to Abby, nap time is our primary block to accomplish school.   Abby and I were able to  complete a lesson, along with her other subjects, during nap time without being rushed or stressed.  I was able to spend quality one on one time with my kindergartner.  If for some reason our schedule was off, we could easily include a curious toddler and newborn.  It worked well in either scenario.  Summer (who just turned 2 in July) was just as eager to learn and explore as Abby.

While learning ways to keep our bodies healthy, they enjoyed the hand washing lesson together.  Abby was able to "teach" Summer what she learned, reinforcing the concepts she was introduced to.

She enjoyed the draw and color activity booklets presented in the program.  Here she is illustrating types of exercise she enjoys.


Having majored in Dietetics, I appreciated the focus on healthy foods.  She loved the colorful food stickers!  

While most things are provided in the kit, there are a few items to be purchased.  For instance, this Geranium plant.  Of course, I love having a beautiful plant to add a splash of color outdoors.


The kit also includes colorful photo cards that are referenced to in several lessons throughout the manual.

During our unit study on plants,  I asked my husband's aunt to join us for one particular lesson.  She's an excellent gardener and Abby loves her dearly.  We also asked Abby's cousins (ages 4 and 7 at the time) to join.  They enjoyed the lesson as much as Abby!


Over the course of a few weeks, she documented her plants growth.  She showed great enthusiasm in caring for her plants.


One thing that grabbed my attention with Nancy Larson Science is the "open and go" approach.  As a busy, homeschooling mom, I appreciate having lessons and materials at my fingertips.  The little details added into the lessons (ex. playing Simon Says to locate body parts) caught my daughter's attention from the very beginning and drew her in.  The lessons were fun, engaging, hands-on and easy to teach.  We both looked forward to science and I loved watching her excitement to learn.  It's exactly what I was looking for in a science curriculum.


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