Happy Birthday, Summer!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our little Summer turns two years old today!  These past two years have flown by, as I suspect many of you can relate to.  She's a tiny package of answered prayers that we've been blessed with.

New folder
She prides herself on being silly and is quite adventurous in acrobatics and climbing.  While small in stature, she makes up for in attitude and willfulness.  She has a gentler side and can be quite nurturing while playing with her babies or loving on her sisters.

Her vocabulary is growing daily and she enjoys talking on the phone, singing and reading any book she can find.

2 years old
What a difference a year makes...

11 months

1 year old


  1. Happy Birthday Little Summer! We love you and have enjoyed spending time with you over the last 2 years. We look forward to a lot more fun times to come. :-)

    1. Thank you! She had a fun-filled day. Thanks for helping us celebrate.