Introduction to Nancy Larson Science K Homeschool

Monday, May 19, 2014

In November, Abby began Kindergarten.  While I had determined most of her curriculum, I was however, unsure about science. As a new homeschooler, while confident in my decision, I am not as confident in my abilities to pull together my own science lessons and be consistent in that department.  At the time, our family had many upcoming events (new house construction, expecting a new baby) taking place simultaneously, I needed a curriculum that was easy to use, completely planned and ready to go...enter Nancy Larson Science.

We received the Nancy Larson Science K homeschool kit at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Abby and I were excited when our Science K Homeschool kit arrived.  We opened the box and dived right in!  The box included most everything we needed to complete the lessons except markers, pencils and basic household items we already had on hand.
Science 1 Tool Kit Photo
 Topics of study in the Science K level include:
  • Parts of the Body
  • The Five Senses
  • Healthy Habits
  • Characteristics of Pets
  • Characteristics of Objects
  • Forces That Move Objects
  • Observing the Growth of Plants
  • Identifying Living/Non-Living Things
  • Identifying Seasons and Weather Conditions

The Science K kit is designed for those students who are between the ages of 5-7, but may also be used with older students who have limited science experience.


 Nancy Larson Science offers several other homeschool science kits in addition to Science K including: Science 1, Science 2, Science 3 and Science 4.


The teacher's manual is incredibly easy to follow.  The lessons are scripted and I simply read the suggested dialogue and examples that are provided to help engage with my student.  Each lesson provides a list of items to be collected along with instructions to help prepare and organize for the lesson.  A sample lesson can be found here.

Each level kit includes activity booklets to help elaborate on certain lessons while highlighting key points.  Additional booklets can be purchased separately if teaching more than one child within the same level.

Also included are photo cards, A Fitness Fun CD, a teacher resource CD to help with teaching the lesson.


Seeing how enthusiastic Abby was about the materials was very refreshing.  She loved exploring and asking questions about the items in the tool kit.



When we began using the program,  I was amazed at how easy and fun the lessons were.  With a busy toddler in tow and a newborn, school had taken a backseat while we adjusted.  But, we found Nancy Larson Science K to be an easy addition to our day.  I appreciate the scripted dialogue and games presented during the lesson. I feel that I can thoroughly and effectively teach her with the guidance provided by the teacher's manual.  Abby is able to learn a manageable amount of information and stay engaged the entire time.  She's a very active, hands-on little girl and this is perfect for her! 

One of her favorite parts so far has been reviewing with the help of playing Simon Says.  I love seeing her smile and enjoy what she is learning. 


Nancy Larson has taken the stress and pressure off of me and provided an exciting learning experience without sacrificing time! 

I will be updating periodically as we work through the program to share my specific thoughts, but so far I am loving this curriculum.


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2014

    What an interesting lesson. Abby seems to enjoy it. It seems like everything you need is right there. A great opportunity.

    1. We've been having a blast with the program!

  2. We are using Science 2 and really loving it :)

    1. Makes my job so much easier to just open and go!