Kindergarten with Abby: Winter Theme

Friday, January 31, 2014

Back in November, Abby began using Math U See: Primer.  When we began, it was a basic review and I almost began to rethink my decision.  However, I am so glad we started and continued with Primer. You can read more about her curriculum here.

math u see work

While over half the lessons were review, I like that it helped increase her confidence in certain areas while slowly progressing to more challenging work.  We are now 5 lessons shy of completing the program and she is definitely being challenged, mainly in the areas of tally marks, making 10 and missing addends.

To help reinforce certain concepts, I looked to Pinterest and found some cute winter themed printables.  You can see my Winter Theme board here.  My favorite printables came from The Printable Princess and were perfect for what Abby needed.

She worked more on base 10.

base 10 winter work

Tally marks...

snowflake tally

Making 10...

making 10 winter work

We used this cute Shape Maze from Gift of Curiosity.

winter shape maze

And worked on Even/Odd Number Sorting...

even odd winter work

We also began using All About Reading: Level One in November.  I am amazed at how quickly Abby has picked up on reading especially blending.  We just completed Lesson 22 and it took us....awhile.  I have to be honest and say the fluency sheets are not something she nor I enjoy.  Of course, that's all part of reading practice with the program.  This particular lesson had two full pages front/back full of words and I had to break it up over several weeks, otherwise her attention span just wouldn't have lasted.

all about reading level 1 fluency sheet practice

all about reading level 1 fluency

She loves literacy activities.  This fun word search came from Gift of Curiosity.

winter word search

word scramble winter work

middle sounds winter work

ending sounds winter work

Abby loves art!  We are currently using Home Art Studio: Kindergarten.

home art studio lesson

We made some easy chilly snow to play with, using this recipe. She had a blast!

chilly snow

Of course, animals had to join in...

chilly snow with animals

And, foam blocks are always a favorite!

foam block play

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  1. The Math-U-See looks like a great fit for you! I really need to make snow with my children, but I keep forgetting to pick up the materials. Looks like it was fun :).

    1. Math U See has been a great starting point for us and I'm happy with the progress being made. The snow was a lot of fun and continues to be. We stored it wrapped in plastic wrap, adding a bit more shaving cream when needed. It's lasted for over a week!

  2. Great activities. Looks like she's learning a lot and having fun.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. We are still working on the perfect combination of activities, but she is enjoying it for the most part.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by Every Star Is Different. I love all of your Dot-A-Dot Activities. I don't use those enough! Hope to see you stop back soon!

    1. The do a dot markers are fun for both girls. I just wished we owned more colors!