Tot School: 15 months

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Summer is 15 months old.
It's been awhile since I did an update on Summer.  Currently, we are in the process of building a house, starting a new curriculum with Abby and also expecting a new baby come early March.  Things right now are a little hectic, but we are slowly working on finding time among all the craziness. 

As far as Summer goes, she's been busy climbing, exploring and being a little comedian.  We have a blast watching her learn and grow each day and I love being able to see her and Abby interact together.  Abby has been able to teach Summer some little songs so they can dance together and Summer simply thinks Abby is the best! 

abby and summer new harmony

Recently, I purchased a new shelving unit perfect for Summer's Tot School activities.  It's the perfect height for her and is large enough for trays, when the time comes.  I had this particular setup for a few weeks, mainly because she seemed to enjoy the variety and also I never found the time to rotate the items.  For now, the shelf is in her room and she has access to it all day.  Both girls played together with the items quite a bit, this is just one particular afternoon I captured Summer exploring (where she was interested in playing with me.) 

Top: left to right (screw and nail activity from her workbench, bouncy ball, basket with plastic animals)
Bottom: left to right (jumbo animal puzzle, shape sorter, silk leaves, pumpkin, gourds and metal container)

There were a few items she wasn't too interested in, namely the screw and nail activity and the puzzle. Occasionally, she will attempt to match the animals if she's in the mood, but mainly prefers to scatter/carry the pieces around to various hiding spots.

The shape sorter is a means for her to dump out the shapes and fill it back up.  Some days, she liked pushing the pieces through with help or looking at matching colors.  Stacking blocks into towers to be destroyed is always a favorite.  Same idea with the leaf activity, I thought she would enjoy transferring leaves, pumpkins and gourds and dumping them out.
summer blocks
Her favorite items by far were the ball and animals.  She loves kicking the ball around or having Abby throw it and then chase after it.  The animals (I found at Target when Abby was small) have little buttons with sound mechanisms on the bottom.  She is always happy to be pressing buttons.
summer elephant 2 

summer elephant
summer giraffe
Summer was fascinated by our chalkboard easel from Ikea.  Usually I have this tucked away in the closet, but Abby has become interested in drawing.  Summer decided quickly it looked rather fun and spent some time creating her own art.
summer chalkboard
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