Weekly Wrap-Up and A Little Announcement

Friday, October 25, 2013

The girls and I have been busy these last few weeks.  It seems we've had appointments here, activities there and somehow have managed to not only stay on track with school...but to get ahead!

Abby has been busy finishing up her K4 program.  Since we managed to get a week ahead (by request), she will finish this coming week!


She loves place value.  I gave her several numbers and she would use the straw bundles to illustrate the given number.

place value

Abby also finished Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten.  Here she is completing the verse for letter Y.  

bible verse 

She's been enjoying the Sight Word Review Graphing Printables I created, specific to the K4 program.  You can download the set in this post.

sight word graphing 

And, a trip to the optometrist turned into a neat learning experience.  Abby asked tons of questions and the doctor was nice enough to explain as best she could.

abby eye dr 2

We took a walk to Grandma's.  Summer loved exploring.

summer exploring 

Abby was a little disappointed by the creek being dry.

abby exploring 

And, in just a few months...we will be welcoming a new addition to our family!  The next few months are sure to be filled with excitement and change. 


  1. Congratulations! What an exciting time for all of you!

  2. Congratulations! A new baby is so exciting, I just had to click on your link today. Blessings to your growing family!

  3. Congratulations!! I am a few days behind on my blog reading and was so excited to see this news! We're expecting as well! Looks like we'll have another little one pretty close in age! :) Prayers for a healthy pregnancy!

    1. Congratulations to you, Alicia! What an exciting time for your family.