K4- RRSK: Letter U

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Abby has had one crazy, fun-filled summer and our normal year round schooling became non-existent in late June. She participated in zoo camp, several vacation bible schools, art camp, soccer camp, swimming lessons and we also began the process of building a house. And, let's not forget to mention her big five year birthday! She had such a blast, but now things are beginning to calm down and everyone is much more relaxed.  I definitely missed our learning time together!  And while I like to begin the school year around the second week in September, we used the last week of August to slowly get back into a routine.

abby and house

We are nearly through with Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten.  Tracing is not one of Abby's favorite activities, but she is becoming more patient and using cleaner lines.


We used printables from 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's to reinforce our letter of the week. She chose to waterpaint her letter.


Her sight words this week were "say" and "saw." I made a quick See, Stamp, Write activity for her to use and she loved it!

stamp sight words

sight word activity

And, one of her favorites...locating her sight word with dot paint.

Word Search

Abby loves playing with lentils, so I thought she might find it fun to search for her sight words within a container filled with them. I was right! This will be a weekly activity because she LOVED it! She searched for the word tiles and then had to spell her words.

lentil sight word

She also began working with subtraction. We used cars from her Rush Hour Jr. game as a manipulative and then played a few games.

rush hour

She loves playtime with Summer! They made Zoob crowns and necklaces.

playing with zoobs

Spent some time on the playground...


And, started fall soccer...


Supplies We Used This Week

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