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Monday, September 02, 2013

Summer is 13 months old.

It's been awhile since I posted an update on little Summer.  In mid June, our laid back summer suddenly became chocked full of activities, building a house, big surprises and both girls' birthdays.  We have finally begun to settle down and I couldn't be more thankful.  

It's hard to believe my littlest girl is already one!  While Summer is the more serious of the two girls, she loves being silly and is very mischievous.

happy girl

She loves anything to do with  Abby.  One afternoon, they made Zoob necklaces and crowns.

playing with zoobs

Then, in normal Summer fashion she takes off with a handful of toys and tries to hide. I gave her a recycled gum container so she could put her Zoobs in and dump them out. We also closed the top to make a shaker, which she enjoyed.


The same gum container worked perfect for practicing small spaces. The small flap on top was the perfect size for inserting pom poms. She loved to grab a handful and feel the softness. 

pom poms

At first, she tried to cram a whole fist full of pom poms into the small space. After a few attempts, she understood to try adding one at a time. 

Pom Pom Activity

She wasn't too interested in her animal puzzle this week. She mainly picked the pieces up and carried them around or banged them together. :) 


She also wasn't too interested in actually building with the foam blocks. However, she did love and study the various textures on each block.
foam blocks

One of her favorite activities is kicking the ball and throwing it back and forth. 

summer kicking ball

She also really loves reading! This little book is her go to book, it's filled with colors and textures. Most times, I will find her on the floor or her little couch and it's always with this particular book.

summer reading

Summer loved Abby's learning toy of the week, a mix and measure kit. It's Abby's favorite! I gave her some foam shaped blocks to practice with transferring and pouring.

Foam Shapes

Supplies We Used This Week


  1. I can't believe Summer is already 13 months old. Time has flown by. She is so cute & I love the different "Summer" looks. She seems to enjoy her activities.

    1. She really does well when she stays busy with activities like these. It gives us great 1:1 time and also keeps her out of trouble...haha :)

  2. She is so cute! Great activities <3

  3. She's adorable and I love the look of concentration.

    Thanks for linking to The Sunday Showcase.

  4. Yes, I love her look of concentration, too! I want to try that gum container idea. Thanks for sharing so many activities!

    1. Thanks, Anne. That little gum container has already been used for so many things, it's been wonderful.