Kiwi Crate's Summer Discovery Series: Nature Explorer

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer offers many opportunities to explore the outdoors, try new things and craft and create.  When it comes to crafting, there are times where I feel short on time and overwhelmed with the amount of materials to round up.  My new solution, Kiwi Crate!  This award winning company solves all my problems with creative, fun and educational crates filled with exciting activities and all the items/instructions needed to complete the project.  The crates are tailored for ages 3-7 and always include free shipping.  You can choose to subscribe monthly or now introducing the option to purchase by singles.

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We recently were given the opportunity to review the Nature Explorer Crate from the Summer Discovery Series.  This series is unique to June, July and August and is designed for fun outdoor play for the entire Summer.  The Nature Explorer Crate includes two projects, a Starlight Lantern and Nature Collection Box.

The crates are addressed to the kids and include absolutely everything you need to complete the projects.  Upon delivery, Abby could not wait to dig in and get started!  We received enough materials for both Summer (currently 11 months) and Abby (currently 4.5 years old).  Since Summer is too young, Abby decided she wanted her cousins, Stone (6 years) and Isla (3.5 years) to play with the extra materials.  They love arts and crafts type activities so it worked out perfectly.

The kids unanimously chose the Starlight Lantern to complete first.  The instruction booklet contains a material list with photos to help locate each piece and easily organize.  The girls decided they wanted to share and Stone got to make his own.  The booklet had easy to follow instructions that were numbered and included visuals to follow along with.

They started by using the star punch to create star patterns on colored paper.  It was fun to watch the different techniques of each child.  Abby had stars all over the place, Isla liked to punch just a few stars and Stone punched his stars into diamond shapes.


Once all the papers were punched, they chose a few colors and began working on the lanterns.  Isla and Abby helped each other, taking turns, to hold the paper and apply the glow in the dark stickers.

We added a few more embellishments and waited until dark to turn on the battery lighted tea lamp to illuminate the lantern.  This was by far Abby's favorite!
Then, they wanted to do more!  So, we moved on to the collection box.  The girls decided to do an all blue box, which was no surprise. :-)

They used the jumbo crayons included to color the stickers.

They seemed to love writing their names the most!

After a while, the girls were done coloring and decided to run off and play with their new box.

Stone was very meticulous and worked hard on his box.  He did an awesome job, it turned out great!

The final products...

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity from "KIWI CRATE." That was awesome!!! Abby, Stone & Isla are busy little bees, working on their crafts and having fun.:-) The projects turned out great! That would be a neat present to get for someone.

    1. They really enjoyed the projects! I like how simple and easy it was. Very easy to organize! I think they would make amazing gifts. You can't go wrong with arts/crafts in a box. :-)