Discovery Baskets: Week Four

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is 11 months old.

Summer loves water! She enjoys splashing around in the bath tub and has spent a little time kicking and splashing around in Nana and Papa's pool.  This week, I set up a water bin for her to play in along with some cups for pouring and other various items.

playing in water

She smiled when the streams of water fell from the cups.

pouring water

looking at playground

She was also interested in the textile basket.  I included fabrics like fleece, felt, terry cloth, soft fur doll slippers, blue jean and a rough sponge.

textile discovery basket

The blue jean and rough sponge seemed to be her favorites.

playing with sponge

Summer has also been watching a program called, Your Baby Can Read for the past several months.  Abby watched the same video and loved it, as does Summer.  As soon as I start the show, she begins to smile.  The shows are great at introducing basic body parts (nose, ears, mouth, eyes, arms), actions (clapping, waving, reaching), animals (cat, dog, gorilla, elephant), childhood songs (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider) and for the most part little kids are narrating the video.  The videos also introduce words to describe what they are about to do or see. 

Summer has been very interactive with the shows.  She watches intently and is able to show us her arms when asked and is able put them up when we say, "arms up."  She also enjoys waving and clapping.
BCR collage

Items We Used This Week



  1. Summer is so cute! She seems to enjoy the water toys and I love to see her showing off her Baby Can Read skills. That was a great idea with the textile basket. It looks like it is a "Hit!" :-)

    1. Thank you! She did seem to enjoy the textile basket more than I thought, which is always a good thing.

  2. I love that textile basket. I have done water bins with my kids, which they loved, but I can't wait to try out this textile basket! What a great idea.

    1. Thanks, Kirstylee. It was interesting to see what her favorite materials were. I would have chosen the softer items, but she really enjoyed the rougher textures.

  3. Love the water tub. It's winter here in Sydney at the moment, but I'm sure Miss K would enjoy this indoors. Thanks for the inspiration. xo P

    1. Thanks Pauline! Hope you get to enjoy it.