K4:Home Art Studio: Lesson 2 and Mother's Day Gift Idea

Friday, May 10, 2013

Abby had a special week with Daddy on vacation.  We focused mainly on her K4 work, taking a break from her Raising Rock Stars activities.  Here’s a peek into her week.

You can learn more about the K4 Curriculum here, which we are currently using as our base.

She loves doing her sight word searches.  Her K4 weekly sight words were his and yes. 

And, she reviewed beginning sounds with uppercase letters.

We’ve been reviewing a fabulous home art curriculum, Home Art Studio.  I love the DVD format and visual instruction, opposed to reading directions from a book.  We completed Lesson 2 and worked more with primary colors.  This particular lesson focuses on red and yellow, combining to create orange.  This particular lesson was broke up into two parts.  Here's a look at the activity.
After watching the first part of the lesson, we painted according to the directions.

While allowing the paint to dry, we watched the second part.  Then, she traced a circle and cut. 

Then, she cut some triangles.

Here’s the finished product.  Although the project was called Happy Sun, Abby’s sun looks sad because it needed more friends...I think it turned out great even with a cute, sad face. :-)

We visited a large playground in the area, full of new adventures.

She was so excited heading into the towers...
She hung from the rings.

Thought the tire swing was a lot of fun...

And, had a blast crossing the challenging obstacle...

We also worked on a few Mother's Day gifts.  If you are looking for a perfect last minute gift, take a look at our Hand Painted Planters.  They are simple, quick and inexpensive!


  1. Love the art projects and the planter! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like lots of fun. I love the Mother's Day planters.

    Thanks for joining in The Sunday Showcase.