K4- RRSK: Letter Q and Butterflies

Friday, May 24, 2013

We had a pretty exciting week learning about caterpillars and butterflies!  Here's a look at we did.

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We are essentially picking up where Raising Rock Stars Preschool left off with Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten. We are reviewing the Bible verses she learned before, but using more challenging activities.

Letter: Q
Bible Verse: Quench not the spirit.
1 Thessalonians 5:19

We talked about what the word "quench" means and discussed sinful things that we do that ultimately quench the Holy Spirit.  Then, we discussed how God can help us overpower the urge to do or think sinful things. 

Abby worked on tracing and locating beginning sounds with this weeks letter Q.

You can learn more about the K4 Curriculum here, which we are currently using as our base

She did an activity in her Kumon Cutting book.  We only have a few more lessons to go!

Abby has been working with equality for several weeks now.  It's been mainly review for her, but this week was a bit more challenging.  This time, she had to add the two numbers in the first column and get the sum before choosing whether the numbers were greater than, less than or equal to.  We did an example on the dry erase board and she declared she could do it ALL BY HERSELF.  And, she did!

We also continued to practice with counting by 5's, 10's and from 1 to 100.  I gathered up my large stack of number cards and mixed them up.  We went through the whole stack, which is ALOT of numbers for a little kid.  She decided halfway through she wanted to play a game, which made it so much fun for her.

She found a little calculator and pretended it was a cell phone.  Then, she decided to "call" everyone she knew and tell them the numbers. :-)

About two weeks ago, our live caterpillars arrived.  We've spent that time closely observing and learning how caterpillars change into butterflies.  Mid week, our butterflies emerged and Abby was able to hold and release each one.  She was ecstatic!

You can read and see each stage captured in my detailed post here.  It really is an incredible process!

We read LOTS of books about caterpillars and butterflies.  One of her favorites is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  After reading and watching several animated versions of the book, we created our own butterfly inspired by Eric Carle's work.

Abby loves to paint!  This is a simple activity that allows your creative side to come out, while also making a beautiful piece of artwork.  Have I mentioned how simple it is?!

And, the finished product.  Want to make your own? You can click the picture for a direct link to my post with supply list and instructions. 


  1. Gorgeous butterfly art! I love how easy you made it. Love all the fun educational activities you have. I love making learning a part of home life. Thanks so much for sharing. New follower!

    1. Hi Brooke, thanks for following! It was a fun and slightly messy project, but I loved the way they turned out!