Make Your Own Rain Cloud

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For the past few months, Abby has become increasingly curious about the weather.  She has many questions about thunder, lightning, tornadoes and other weather related topics.  To help her understand clouds and rain, we experimented with making our own rain cloud.

What You'll Need

Clear vase
Shaving Cream
Food Coloring

Start by filling a vase with water.  Then, add shaving cream to create a cloud.  At this point, we talked about how the sun heats water found in creeks, ponds, lakes, etc and the water evaporates, rising up into the sky as vapor.  Eventually, the water vapor condenses in the cool air to form a cloud.  We then talked about why clouds are white (light is reflected from the sun (rainbow of colors from the sun adds up to be white) and sometimes gray (too heavy or too high to allow light to reflect and pass through).

Next, we slowly began adding the color (water).  The basis of this was to explain that once a cloud is  heavy enough, it begins to rain.  Abby decided she couldn't just go a drop at a she decided to squeeze much of the bottle of food coloring into the cloud, resulting in a torrential downpour. :-)

And..why not add a splash TON of color!

The next morning she asked to do it again...this time using diluted food coloring.  This project was a fun, yet simple way, to visually explain how rain falls from clouds.

Note: A wide rectangular vase/aquarium would have been perfect for this project to visually show a line of precipitation over a greater area, unfortunately we did not have one on hand.


  1. What a great experiment! I'm pinning it and definitely doing it with my kids soon. Thank you for sharing.
    Lucinda (visiting via Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers)

    1. Fantastic! I hope you have as much fun as we did!

  2. Great science experiment! You were able to get some wonderful pictures of the different stages :-) Thank you for sharing this post on our Hearts for Home Blog Hop this week!

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  4. This is great. I hope you'll add it to Look What We Did, a month long link up featured at HammockTracks. -Savannah

  5. Oh this s really lovely! Such a pretty way to explain rain!

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.