K4- RRSK: Letter N, YCR: Unit 16 and Earth Day

Saturday, April 27, 2013

This week we celebrated Earth Day.  A few weeks ago, we received an assortment of baby trees.  My husband was kind enough to plant them (I don't have the best track record for establishing plant life) and Abby and I have been observing their progress. On a recent walk, we discovered three little trees were sprouting leaves. 
Abby learned many ways she can help take care of the planet and we read LOTS of books.  I found this wonderful Earth Day inspired book list that includes a wide variety of cute stories for children.  You can check out my Pinterest board for other great ideas we didn't get to this week.

She also worked on adding and subtracting using Royal Baloo's Earth Day Pack.

And, we practiced a bit with telling time.  It's not something we've spent too much time on yet, but she's pretty comfortable telling time by the hour.

RRRSK header copy

We are essentially picking up where Raising Rock Stars Preschool left off with Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten. We are reviewing the Bible verses she learned before, but using more challenging activities.

Letter: N
Bible Verse: No one can serve two masters.
Matthew 6:24

She liked having a short verse to trace this week. ;-)

You can learn more about the K4 Curriculum here, which we are currently using as our base.

Abby worked on cutting practice with her Kumon: Cutting workbook activity.

Even though we briefly cover a letter with RRSK, we also cover a weekly letter in her K4 materials.  They do not correspond and match each week, mainly because I didn't feel there was a need.  This week, we worked on Letter M.

We read the silly story together and she is in charge of locating all the Letter M's within the story.

She worked on adding and loved this game!  She rolled the die, counted the dots and wrote the number in each space on her sheet.  Then, she had to add the two together.

Summer turned 9 months old this week!  She continues to babble and has recently joined our conversations with what sounds like, "HUH?"  She is also taking 4 to 5 unaided steps now and thoroughly enjoys her achievement!