K4- RRSK: Letter M, YCR: Unit 16 and Weather Fun

Friday, April 19, 2013

Last week, we decided to take a break from our weekly Raising Rock Stars activities.  But this week, we are back on track.

RRRSK header copy
We are essentially picking up where Raising Rock Stars Preschool left off with Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten. We are reviewing the Bible verses she learned before, but using more challenging activities.
Letter: M
 Bible Verse: 
My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. 
1 John 3:18

Locating pictures with the letter "M" sound...

Tracing her verse...

You can learn more about the K4 Curriculum here, which we are currently using as our base.

She worked on tracing and writing.

One afternoon she decided she wanted to read rather than play. :-)

Unit: 16
there, say, of, now

We have taken an unintentional break from her sight words.  This unit has proved to be a bit challenging so we will continue into next week until I see her fully confident.

Abby has been curious about weather, especially rain, so we did an observation activity with a cotton ball.  She really liked this.  We used several of these printables.

First, she observed a dry cotton ball.  We talked about whether it was wet/dry, rough/soft, heavy/light.  Then, I asked her to guess what will happen (the same questions as above) if she dropped the cotton ball into some water. 

And, she guessed right!

We also did a little experiment to see how rain falls from clouds.  You can read a more detailed post about that here.

This week has been pretty windy and it was perfect weather to fly a kite!

Daddy helped her get the kite ready.


Summer liked watching.

Summer has been working on her 7th and 8th tooth the past two weeks!  She also loves initiating Peek-A-Boo and becomes quite animated. :-)

Our little explorer DOES NOT like to be contained and has made that VERY clear!  She enjoys cruising around and is beginning to let go and take one or two steps.  She finds joy dumping toys out and making messes, knocking over Abby's creations and searching for things to climb on.  However, there are times she is content to be confined.

Looking for more fun?


  1. I forgot about Raising Rockstars! It's been a long time since I had one that little, but now that I do again, I need reminders like this! Looks like you had a fun week. :)

    1. We really have enjoyed Raising Rock Stars. It's amazing how much information little minds retain.

  2. That looks like a fun week. I love the tracing her verse. I might need to do a bit of that with my daughter.

  3. So fun!
    I am in charge of science projects (for a broad range of children) for next year. I think I'll use this. I just saw it on a Pioneer Woman episode and I am excited to see you did it.

  4. Looks great! I need to get back at RRSP.

  5. Summer is just precious. If I were you I wouldn't be able to put my camera down. I hope you'll come by Hammock Tracks today and link up to the Homeschool Review. -Savannah @ HammockTracks