Home Art Studio Introduction

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Art Studio

We began reviewing Home Art Studio, an excellent home art curriculum ranging from grades Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.  Currently, we are using the Kindergarten DVD-ROM with Abby.  For several months, I have searched for ways to incorporate art into our class time, but found myself being uninspired using traditional books.  I wanted something fun that Abby would look forward to and a program that was easy to follow and planned out. With Home Art Studio, I can simply insert the DVD and we can visually watch a project from beginning to end.  The DVD-ROM also includes lesson plans, in PDF format, for easy planning, organizing and referencing.  Ms. Volin does a fantastic job explaining each step slowly and in a gentle manner, which I appreciate. 

The first lesson introduces primary colors eventually leading into secondary colors.  Abby loves to paint and was very excited when she saw me preparing for the lesson!

After watching the first part of the lesson, I traced her hands in various directions on the paper.  Then, she painted each hand a different primary color. 

While we waited for the hand prints to dry we watched the second part of the lesson, which introduced secondary colors.  We were able to play with color mixing and Abby ultimately decided to mix up the color purple for her background.

She was so proud of the finished product!

We are looking forward to Lesson 2 and I will be sharing soon!


  1. So cute...thanks for sharing. BTW...love the name of your blog.

    1. Thanks so much for all the kind words! :-)