St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin and Discovery Bottle

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

   Since this is the first year we have done a St. Patrick's Day theme, I was excited to make Abby a sensory bin full of green textures and shapes.  She's been having a blast letting her imagination run wild!

Items I Used

-various shades/sparkly green pom poms
-green and silver Zoobs 
-various green foam shapes
-green feathers
-mini terracotta pot
-gold sparkly pom poms
-rainbow colored pipe cleaners and pom poms
-foam shamrock shapes
-green bucket, bowls, cups   

I filled the bin with plenty of items for her to sort and transfer since she enjoys that so much.  She added animals and people for more fun.  For the rainbow, I arranged the pipe cleaners in color order forming an arc and tied each end with a small rubberband. 

She's been using the shamrocks to make a patterned paths for her friends...

And, built numerous things with her Zoobs.

Summer is still too small to play in Abby's sensory bin, so I made her a rainbow discovery bottle.  I took an empty water bottle and filled it with rainbow colored pom poms and some sequins for noise.  She loves to shake it!  Plus, it rolls so she can crawl around chasing it.

Check back for my upcoming post featuring a weekly recap of our St. Patrick's Day themed week and an additional sensory bin using water beads!

Looking for more St. Patrick's Day activities, check out my Pinterest board!

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  1. Abby looks like she is really enjoying the sensory bin. I like Summer's Discovery bottle too! Great ideas.

  2. I Love the new website. The new photos look great! I really like the Easter egg idea.