K4- RRSK: Letter L, YCR: Unit 1-15 Easter Egg Hunt Review

Saturday, March 30, 2013

This week we focused on Letter L.
Our Bible verse was: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.

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We are essentially picking up where Raising Rock Stars Preschool left off with Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten. We are reviewing the Bible verses she learned before, but using more challenging activities.
Abby worked on graphing which she thought was pretty fun.  We talked about which column had the most, the least and which were equal.

 Cutting her verse...

This week our verse was rather long, so her cut/paste activity was a bit more challenging.  After cutting, she lays the pieces out so she can see them all and keeps reciting the verse looking for the next word to paste in order.

You can learn more about the K4 Curriculum here, which we are currently using as our base.

Filling in the missing number...

Tracing practice...

She LOVED Domino Math!  I found these colorful Dominos at Target.  The goal here was to count the dots on the first half of the block and add to the dots on the second half for the answer.  We played several times and she couldn't get enough.

She enjoyed and participated rather well in her quiet reading time this week.  My goal is to get her to read quietly or to Summer for 15 minutes each day.  And while some days it works out, other days I'm happy to get 5-10 minutes from her.  When Summer is involved (awake), she enjoys it much more.

We've been reviewing this incredible Bible curriculum, Bible Study Guide For All Ages and Abby and I both really enjoy the lessons!  Each lesson is broke into several parts that are easy to follow and do not require any additional preparation.

First, we start off viewing the timeline cards (beginning with the two main parts of the Bible and now we are to Creation/Adam and Eve) and then switch to review questions.  These questions are really helpful to get Abby to remember where we left off with the last lesson.  We also look at the New Testament (reciting the first 4 books) and then sing a song.  Right now, we are learning the 12 sons of Jacob and I found this video for her to watch while she sings.  Within the three lessons, she's already able to sing each name by herself.

Next, I read several real life scenarios with questions eventually leading into the Bible story.  

The Bible story lesson is broke up so the child can easily follow.  While she does what is asked in the given illustration slide, I read the specific verse(s) from the Bible.  After the story, she has to apply what she learned with a life scenario.  For instance, this week we discussed lying (Joseph's brothers telling Jacob their brother was killed) and running away from bad things (Joseph and Potiphar's wife).

We've been reviewing our You Can Read words with an Easter Egg Sight Word Hunt!  Abby had such a blast with this last week and this week.

Summer is becoming such a little character!  It's so much fun to see her personality coming out.

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