Bible Study Guide For All Ages: Ages 3-K

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We have been given the wonderful opportunity to review a fabulous Bible curriculum, Bible Study Guide For All Ages: Ages 3-K.  I was really excited to receive this set! I have been researching Abby's upcoming Kindergarten curriculum and wanted a Bible curriculum that met my criteria.  There are many ways to study the Bible.  Personally, I prefer to study a Bible story and use that knowledge to apply in real life situations.  I believe children also learn best this way and this program does just that.

We received the Beginner Time Line and Beginner Student Pages: Lessons 1-26.

We have only completed Lesson One up to this point.  The lesson plan was very simple to follow and required no preparation at all, requiring only crayons.  We simply opened the Beginner Student Pages and began.  The instructions are numbered, easy to read and each sheet also includes arrows that instruct when to flip the page for reference and note Bible Verses to be read.

First, we looked at the Time Line, answered a few questions and sang a song before leading into the topic. 

This particular lesson was about Joseph's Coat and Dreams along with managing feelings before they turn to hate.  Leading up to the Bible story, we acted out a little skit, talked about feelings and what happens when we keep hurt feelings bottled inside. 

Then, we read the story line and Abby followed the directions when prompted.  While she was doing the activity, I read from the Bible with the specific passages that applied to each illustrated segment of the story.

After the Bible story activity was complete, we applied the verse to a life situation example and she was able to explain how the character should handle the situation.
While Abby doesn't enjoy coloring large pictures, she does enjoy following directions and coloring bits and pieces, making these activities perfect for her.  She's already asking to do more lessons, so I would say that is a very good sign!  I plan on posting updates on the program and how we are using it as we work through the first set of pages.

There are 104 lessons in a school year, but they do have the option to add extra lessons if you wish.  To learn more about Bible Study Guide for All Ages and check out many of their other products, you can visit their website.

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