K4- RRSK: Gg and YCR: Unit 11

Friday, February 22, 2013

Abby is 4.5 years old and Summer is 6.5 months old.
RRRSK header copy
We are essentially picking up where Raising Rock Stars Preschool left off with Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten. We are reviewing the Bible verses she learned before, but using more challenging activities.
 Bible Verse
Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15
I've mentioned before how much she enjoys this verbal instruction activity, but it really is something she gets excited about.  And, her favorite part is drawing stripes!

We worked with fractions a bit this week which she seemed to grasp rather quickly.

Tracing her verse...

You can learn more about the K4 Curriculum here, which we are currently using as our base.

We practiced identifying numbers from 20-30. 

Sentence practice...the sillier the better.

We practiced telling time throughout the week.  I would write the time in digital format and she would replicate it analog style.

She put together her alphabet train puzzle and all her animals decided to go on a trip each day.

And, she painted several pictures...

funny, am, not, make

Word puzzle...


Playdough words...

Funny fonts sight word find...

This week, Summer began getting her third tooth. :-(

She is always interested in everything Abby is doing or playing with.  Abby thinks it's funny and just goes on. 

She still prefers to be on two feet and is getting more comfortable cruising around.

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 Items We Used This Week

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