What's Coming for Abby and Summer

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Around here, our "family dinner" is breakfast and any time we spend together has to be before noon every day or my husband's day off  (usually a Friday).  I think it would be safe to say that if we didn't homeschool, Abby would see her Dad after school on Fridays for about 5 hours and for 2-3 hours Saturday and Sunday. 

With us, flexibility is a must and our school day usually starts when most kids are coming home from school...maybe earlier...maybe later. 

Here's what the girls will be up to starting in January.


Abby is currently 4 years old.  We finished Raising Rock Stars Preschool in November and have completed Units 1-6 of You Can Read (we initially began in December 2011), both of which are from 1+1+1=1.  Abby has always been eager to learn and I feel privileged to watch her grow and explore each and every day.

At this point, we are kind of caught in the middle in regards to her schooling.  She's advancing out of preschool type activities and showing interest in reading beyond sight words (ex. blending and short and long vowel sounds) while also seeking to be challenged in other areas.  While I feel she's ready to move along, I by no means want to overwhelm her and cause discouragement.

I began to look more closely at her learning style and personality.  Abby is a very happy, carefree, energetic and hands on little girl.  She's what Cathy Duffy would classify as a Wiggly Willy in her book, 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.  Initially, I had my heart set on the Abeka K4 curriculum, but after reading her book, I discovered the curriculum would be at the opposite end of the spectrum for Abby in relation to her learning style.  The last thing I want is for her to be bored and dread our learning time together or to spend a ton of money only to find it doesn't mesh well with her.  I for one would probably enjoy it, but I learn differently than Abby. Ultimately, I have to do what's best for her.  After much thought and prayer, I remembered another program that had caught my attention last year and we will be starting the Confessions of a Homeschooler- K4 Curriculum in early January.

While the K4 program will be our base, I have added my own things I think Abby will enjoy, as well.  This is all subject to change, of course, if anything becomes too much or isn't working out.

- K4 Curriculum: This will cover music/movement, letters, numbers, phonics, art and many hands on activities.

- Draw Write Now: A simple activity to help her learn to draw, practice coloring (I know she will love..haha) and writing sentences.  I only want to introduce this and see how it goes.

- RoadTrip USA: This is something that can be used for many years, but this year I wanted to touch mainly on State names. If she learns more that will be great, but I'm not obsessing about it.

- RRSK: She will be revisiting the same Bible verses she learned with RRSP with new/challenging activities.

- YCR: We will begin Unit 7 and continue reviewing past units to keep her memory sharp.

- Themed Printables
- Learning games and toys
- Science


Summer is currently 5 months old and following in Abby's footsteps at being more than eager to learn and picking up on developmental milestones rather quickly.  Abby and I spend alot of time playing and introducing her to new things and she is not shy about telling us about how she wants to play, currently she prefers to be sitting and holding/shaking/banging her toys.

With Abby, I always made a point to play with her on a daily basis and challenge her as a baby to reach her milestones.  I had this weird notion, however, that I had to wait until she was 2 or 3 to start working with her on shapes, colors, letters, numbers, etc.  She naturally picked up on counting, colors, & shapes through play, but I still had this reluctance to teach her other things even though she was ready long before I began.  It wasn't until I was researching preschool ideas for Abby that I stumbled upon 1+1+1=1.  She had taken a Montessori style approach to learning with her small child she called Tot School and then the spin off-- Tiny Tot School with her youngest.  I felt like I had somehow done Abby a disservice by not having done most of the activities with her at a younger age.  They were simple, fun, exploratory type activities that I would have never thought a kid could learn by.  I knew with my next child I wanted to do this and she benefits tremendously already by having a fantastic big sister who loves sharing all her time and attention.

As for now, we will continue exactly as we have been, enjoying her before she's grown up which is happening all too soon and I have let go of waiting until a certain age.  I am looking forward to where the new year will take us in our homeschool journey. 

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