Preschool Corner- RRSP: Letter Q, YCR: Units 1-6 Review and The Nutcracker Ballet

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Abby is 4 years old and Summer is 4 months old.
Preschool Corner
This was our last week of Preschool!  We will be doing activities throughout the month December and review here and there, but I mainly just wanted a relaxing environment so we can enjoy the Christmas season and so I can begin planning for January.

Number: 26
Sight Word: not
Color: Purple
Bible Verse: Quench not the spirit.

Coloring her verse..

Tracing practice...

I was so proud of Abby on her craft!  I was called away to help her little sister, who was having a hard time falling asleep.  When I came back, she had done an excellent job following directions including coloring in the pattern I gave her, as well as, cutting and finishing the entire thing all by herself.

Reading her Easy Reader to Summer...

We used this Letter Q maze.

We used several printables from Make Learning Fun.

I helped cut the pieces for her and she followed the picture example and put the entire thing together herself.  She chose not to color the Nutcracker, but really enjoyed this craft and has played with it ever since.

She made Daddy some purple "cookies" for lunch one day..haha 

And, Summer is becoming increasingly stronger sitting up for longer periods of time..1 to 2 minutes so far. 

And, we took several nature hikes.



We stopped for several minutes to make a dirt pie.

We finished off our week taking a trip to see The Nutcracker ballet for the second year in a row.  Abby LOVED it! 

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