Preschool Corner- Review Week and Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Abby is 4 years old and Summer is 5 months old.
Preschool Corner
It was touch and go for our final bit of review this past week.  We finished our writing practice of Letters Q-Z along with Bible verses.  We didn't quite finish our complete review of all her sight words, but I usually give her little pop quizzes randomly through the week and she does I wasn't too concerned and was just ready for a break to be quite honest. :-)
We made a Giraffe family with her Zoobs and that was alot of fun for both girls.

Summer got her second tooth and has begun to bounce and scoot on her bottom to get to things. :-)
Abby wrapped a present for Gia the Giraffe to put under the Christmas tree.

And, Summer bounced herself to sleep while Abby and myself wrapped presents.
We spent time together with family.

And, Santa stopped by to visit the girls.

 Abby does such a good job sharing and playing with Summer.

She has been having a blast in the snow!


Making snow angels...

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