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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There are two household chores I absolutely hate--laundry and dishes, baby laundry in particular.  Why?  Spit up for one--both girls have been blessed with this gift.  We go through clothes quite frequently and it seems a perfectly clean outfit is the perfect time for another episode. And of course, other fun stains that will NEVER come out and dirt/other stains from a child who loves playing in mud and any other substance that requires her Mom to work hard.   As if the above wasn't irritating enough, I despise folding laundry only to discover that several pieces still have those stubborn stains and that cute bright outfit has now turned slightly dingy. 

What Normally Happens:

Scenario 1: I immediately tackle the stain to no avail and ultimately become further frustrated.

Scenario 2: Let the stain sit and wait patiently until I essentially decide it's time to do laundry.

While Scenario 2 seems to be my reality, it further contributes to my headache and my hatred of laundry seems to continue...until now with these two products!

Product One:  Babyganics Stain Stain Go Away Stain Remover

I was looking for a product that was fragrance free, non-toxic, made with natural ingredients without being overly expensive. I just happened upon this product at Target on sale for $3.99 and a $1 off coupon attached, as well.  It is AMAZING!

Product Two: OxiClean Baby Stain Soaker

I have used this product for years.  It's fragrance free, chlorine, detergent and dye free.  Simply put a small scoop into each load as a laundry booster!  If the stain is particularly stubborn or if you are like me and just want it taken care of for sure--directly apply to the stain. I buy mine at Target for about $7.99 or less with a coupon.

My new bag of tricks was recently put to the test.  While going through Fall/Winter baby clothes from 4 years ago, I began to inspect the different pieces only to guessed it spit up stains on practically brand new outfits that have been sitting for years, not to mention a pretty white onesie that had now turned a horrific grayish hue.  I simply treated all outfits in question with both products and voila!--I now have a bright white onesie and the stains have completely vanished.

If you are looking to liven up that dingy shirt or remove pesky stains without causing irritation to sensitive baby/toddler skin and without spending all day on laundry...BabyGanics and Baby OxiClean are the perfect combination for around $10!

What products do you love?

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