Preschool Corner- RRSP: Letter A, YCR: Unit Five and Hermit Crab Theme

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abby is 4 years old and Summer is 1 month old.

Preschool Corner


Letter: A
Color: Green
Number: 12
Sight Word: Away
Bible Verse: A soft answer turns away wrath.
This week was a continuation from a few weeks ago since there have been a few breaks here and there.  We took a different approach to learning since there has been so many new things going on. 
Cutting and Taping her Bible verse... 

ABC's, 123's, Colors, Shapes and Theme Printables

I tried something pretty different this week with Abby.  I needed activities for her "school time" and also activities that were easy to prepare, didn't require too much supervision, but yet still allowed her and I to work together while also tending to the baby.  I expanded on the "Tot Tray" idea to make it more age appropriate for an older child without being too new requiring a large amount of explanation.  Some activities worked really well...others not so much due to the simplistic nature, but hey I guess it made for a good review and confidence boost. :-)

We used both our uppercase and lowercase alphabet foam puzzles to review letter name and sounds.

Naming and transferring colored pom poms...

She sorted various colored foam blocks by color and identified each shape.

Then, she practiced number identification by counting and finding the correctly numbered clothespin.

Sticker Fun...

Button sorting by size...

Rhyming words...

The ever popular playdough...

And her favorite activity of the week...playing with lentils!

This weeks theme if you want to call it that was based on Abby's pet Hermit Crab, Keeley.  Keeley has buried herself for the past 2 weeks and I am HOPING she's molting (getting bigger). :-)  Since Abby wasn't aware of what that was, I thought we could learn more about that and Hermit Crabs in general. 

We read several books and she made a handprint hermit crab.

You Can Read

Unit: Five

With all the breaks, this unit has been drug out excessively! Once we are consistent again, things will begin to click and help stay embedded in her little brain. :-)

Word Play with letter tiles...

Playtime with Summer

Little Summer turned one month old this week.  She is now weighing in at 9 lbs 6 oz and 23 inches long. 

What She's Doing:

-staying alert for long periods of time
-does mini push ups
-smiles and sometimes slightly giggles before she hits a deep sleep
-gaining better control of her head
-can hold her head up for a few seconds and moves head side to side while on her tummy 
-turns her head side to side to follow noises
-recently started to "baby talk" which Abby finds amusing

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